Looking for a high-flavor strain with a nice potency? The Berry Pie strain may be just what you’ve been looking for. With an interesting lineage, high terpene concentration, and a nice reputation, Berry Pie has a lot to offer. Take a closer look below.

What is the Berry Pie strain?

The Berry Pie strain is a flavorful, aromatic wonder with a moderate THC level and just enough uplift to keep you going. A Sativa-dominant, Berry Pie is known for long-lasting, energetic experiences ideal for productive tokers.

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Berry Pie Strain Characteristics

Genetics and Type

Berry Pie was initially created by crossing two highly flavorful strains: Girl Scout Cookies (aka Cookies or GSC) and Blueberry (aka Berry Blue). However, over the years, a few variations of the Berry Pie strain have come about that have varied genetic profiles. For the most part, most cultivars of Berry Pie you find will be Sativa-dominant, but, again, this can depend on the specific lineage of the plant.

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

Berry Pie is quite a potent option—some sources tout THC levels of up to 25 percent or more. This particular strain is also a good go-to for a nice bit of cannabigerol, which is not so common.

As far as the terpene lineup, the Berry Pie strain is enriched with a nice level of caryophyllene, but also limonene and linalool. So what you get in the end is a potent, highly flavorful strain that is bound to deliver a memorable experience.

Berry Pie Aromatics and Flavors

Berry Pie never disappoints when it comes to aromatics & flavor. The intensity of the terpene lineup means you get the best of all worlds: sugary sweet, perfectly tart, and just enough herbal-ness. The flavor initially slips across as mouthwatering sweet pie, with telltale hints of cookies like a pie crust. But the exhale usually lends a nice hint of herbals and tartness to the mix.

Berry Pie Strain Effects: What to expect

Berry Pie is said to be an awesome daytime strain. The first effects tend to be utterly relaxing and euphoric, but then you get this incredible layer of energetic introspect to keep you focused. Therefore, if you need to stay productive, the Berry Pie strain is a nice option. One of the therapeutic draws of Berry Pie is the fact that it delivers a nice uplift without inducing a state of paranoia. This works out well for those seeking relief for things like depression.

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