Medical Marijuana in Washington State

How to Schedule an Appointment and Receive Your Medical Marijuana Recognition Card.

MMJ Recognition Card Appointment.

*****You must get an Authorization before coming to us for Medical Marijuana Recognition Card.  If you have any questions about the process please feel free to call us*****

MMJ Authorization Form Information: 

    • To receive the authorization form, you must attend an appointment with a healthcare provider authorized to issue them.
    • The healthcare professional will examine you and determine if you have a qualifying condition.
    • If you qualify, the healthcare professional will issue the Medical Marijuana Authorization Form.
    • If you don’t have a healthcare professional who can issue these forms, contact us for assistance.

Contact Us for Appointment to get your Medical Marijuana Recognition Card

  • In-Store: Visit our store during walk-in hours or make an appointment by calling us.
  • Phone: Call us to schedule your appointment:  Bremerton – (360) 932-3182  Silverdale – (360) 204-5488

MMJ Walk-In Appointments:

  • Silverdale:  Sundays 10am-2pm
  • Bremerton:  Walk ins currently unavailable.
  • If these days don’t work for you, please call to schedule an appointment.

Consultation with a Medically Certified Budtender:

    • After receiving the authorization form, your next step is to have a consultation with a medically certified budtender.
    • During the consultation, the medical consultant will add you to the Department of Health (DOH) database and print your Medical Marijuana Recognition Card.
    • Once you have the recognition card, you can use it at any medically endorsed store in Washington.

Qualifications of Our MMJ Certified Consultants:

    • Not all medical consultants are equal in training.
    • Our consultants undergo extensive training beyond the state’s minimum requirements.
    • Our head medical consultant has graduated from Western Washington University’s first-ever intensive cannabis certification program.
    • Other consultants are trained through the Holistic Cannabis Academy.
    • We stay updated on the ever-changing medical cannabis field by attending scientific seminars throughout the country.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at

HWY 420 Silverdale (360) 204-5488

HWY 420 Bremerton by the Shipyard (360) 932-3182

Step 1 - Meet with Cannabis Doctor

Medical Marijuana Provider

Step 2 - Meet with medically certified cannabis consultant.

Medical Marijuana Certified Consultants

Step 3: Visit medical marijuana endorsed store.

Medical Marijuana Endorsed Store

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