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What is the Punch Breath strain?

All about heavy-hitting strains with an insane body high that’s bound to send you straight to bliss? Punch Breath may be just the strain to add to your list of to-try cultivars. This beauty has a high THC yield, loads of gassy/fruity flavor, and more than enough bliss-inducing power to pass around.

Is Punch Breath Indica or Sativa?

The Punch Breath strain is a Hybrid but with a heavy Indica lean. The general range is about 70 percent Indica, but this can vary depending on the specific batch of flower and who grew it. THC levels can also vary from around 19 to 20 percent all the way up to around 30 percent.

Punch Breath Strain Characteristics


Punch Breath is a cross between Purple Punch and Mendo Breath—two notorious strains in terms of flavor and potency. The result is this Indica-leaning Hybrid strain that gives you the best traits of both parent cultivars and has quickly grown to be a favorite.


Purple Punch buds are easy on the eyes with a sage green flower coated in frost. Most buds also have quite the concentration of reddish-orange to purplish-red hairs woven throughout the tight clusters.


The aromatics with Punch Breath come across a bit like diesel mixed with sharp, tart fruit. You can also catch just a hint of cheese and tropical sweetness.


People adore the flavor of Punch Breath just as much as the effects. This potent strain is a treat for your tastebuds with its hint of something like cookie dough that has been sprinkled with sweet berries.


The top terpenes in Punch Breath are caryophyllene, humulene, and limonene. While the terpene lineup can vary depending on the grower, these three noteworthy terpenes are usually pretty consistent across most batches.

How will Punch Breath make you feel?

Punch Breath delivers a totally blissed-out high that hits you immediately. You’ll start out feeling tingly with a good body high and that intense level of mental relaxation settles in within minutes. Most people report feeling uplifted and happy, but highly relaxed and ready for sleep. This heavy-hitting strain is said to be good for things like chronic pain and stress, as well as PTSD, insomnia, and nausea.

Strains Like Punch Breath

Strains to try that may offer similar effects include:

  • Slurricane
  • Cookie Dawg
  • MK Ultra
  • Cherri Gelatti
  • Double Purple Pie

Where to Buy the Punch Breath Strain in Washington

If you want to get up close and personal with Punch Breath, be sure to look for this strain on recreational and medical menus alike at Washington dispensaries. You can find Punch Breath at both our Silverdale and Bremerton, WA locations.

Find Punch Breath and Other Fave Strains at HWY 420

When you visit HWY 420, you can count on finding the top flower cultivars on our menu. Be sure to check out our online menu and order your favorite flower for pickup.

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