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The Gorilla Cookies strain is a strong hybrid marijuana flower available at HWY 420 in Silverdale and Bremerton, WA.

What is the Gorilla Cookies strain?

The bud debuted after Elev8 Seeds crossed Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. These are two incredible and widely consumed strains. Leafly warns that the strong-hitting bud “will alter the trajectory of your entire day.” An array of wonderful scents and tastes also await your nostrils and palette.

Is Gorilla Cookies an indica or sativa strain?

The cultivar is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will get your day off to an energetic start, thanks to high THC levels averaging around 19-23%. According to WikiLeaf, the nugget contains 70% sativa, which explains why it packs an unforgettable punch.

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Gorilla Cookies Strain Characteristics

Here’s a closer look at Gorilla Cookies’ parentage, appearance, flavor, and aromatic profile.


Gorilla Cookies is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 & Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Gorilla Glue #4 is an infamous heavy-hitting hybrid derived from crossing Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. According to Allbud, Thin Mint GSC represents a cross between the two legendary strains, Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, with F1 Durban Poison.


Dense, chunky, deep green in color, and covered with coral-red and crystal pistils.


Whether smoked or vaped, you won’t miss the sharp potent scents of damp earth intermixed with mint.


The flavors range from a delicious sweet mint to a spicy, lemony, earthy undertone. A hint of nutty cookies is noticeable upon exhale.


Weed cultivars contain varying percentages of terpenes and cannabinoids based on growing conditions. In regards to Gorilla Cookies, the most dominant terpene is Caryophyllene. Other notable players are Pulegone and Myrcene.

What effects can I expect from Gorilla Cookies?

Reportedly, Gorilla Cookies will meet the expectations of tokers looking for a lingering high that also stimulates creativity. The nug gives a fast euphoric lift and leaves you highly energized enough to clean the entire house!

Users reported feeling uplifted, alert, and focused without much of a sedated effect. The overall sativa and indica effects make the strain a good choice for complaints such as pain, stress, appetite loss, mood swings, and depression.

The bud is dubbed as ideal for extended leisure times when you can totally enjoy the experience. Those who can’t handle their weed might want to take a rain check to avoid side effects such as paranoia.

Strains like Gorilla Cookies

Below are strains that offer effects like Gorilla Cookies.

  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Wedding Cake (aka Triangle Mints #23)
  • Cereal Milk
  • Island Chill

Where to Buy Gorilla Cookies in Washington

Dispensaries around Washington stock the sativa-dominant hybrid. However, if your goal is to source high-quality Gorilla Cookies strain for an extraordinary experience, then stop by HWY 420’s retail showroom.

Buy Gorilla Cookies strain or similar strains at HWY 420

Our online menu is a great place to start looking for your favorite cannabis strains, including Gorilla Cookies. We also have an exquisite lineup of products including flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and vaping accessories.

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