Cannabis is made up of three important active compounds; cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Each of the compounds contributes to the overall experience. Beta-caryophyllene is one of many terpenes in cannabis that have natural medicinal effects on the body. However, not everyone, including some cannabis connoisseurs, knows what beta caryophyllene is or what beta caryophyllene is good for.

Get ready to learn about beta-caryophyllene and strains containing high levels. You can find products rich in the beneficial terpene at your local medical and recreational dispensary. These include flower, infused pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles ready to be consumed the way you prefer.


Beta Caryophyllene

What Is Beta Caryophyllene?

Beta-caryophyllene (carry-off-uh-leen) also called β-caryophyllene, caryophyllene, or BCP, is a chemical compound present in cannabis. The compound forms the essential oils in the plant’s resin or trichomes. The essential oils are called terpenes and give marijuana several distinct flavors and aromas.

BCP is one of the top, most abundant beneficial terpenes found in many cannabis strains. It is also present in abundance in other plants and flowers. These include black pepper, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and basil.

The terpene is commonly present alongside other terpenes, especially myrcene and limolene. They combine with Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids to enhance the therapeutic effects of the strain. Scientists call it the entourage effect.

What Is Beta Caryophyllene Good For?

Caryophyllene in marijuana may relieve chronic pain, inflammation, stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression symptoms when consumed. The terpene’s therapeutic effects come from its ability to connect with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. Researchers have already confirmed BCP’s ability to combat pain and inflammation.

Chronic Pain

β-caryophyllene is able to reduce chronic pain by acting on the CB1 receptors. Since medicinal painkillers may have adverse side effects, medical marijuana consumers may prefer caryophyllene-rich cannabis strains and by-products as natural alternatives.

Fighting inflammation

While information protects the body, too much of it can damage body cells and lead to chronic medical conditions. These include heart disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and cancer. Caryophyllene stands out from the other terpenes for its ability to fight inflammation. It is able to do so by causing the cannabinoid receptors called CB2 to become active.

Stress, anxiety, and depression

Separate studies also suggest that ingredients in β-caryophyllene may aid in the relief of stress, anxiety, and depression. Once again, the terpene targets the CB2 receptors and shows a potential to alleviate anxiety, depression, and mood disorder symptoms.

There is also potential for supporting the immune system and slowing the growth of cancer cells. Another benefit is the ability to reduce the mind-altering effects of THC. As such, high BCP levels in a weed product can be beneficial when too much THC is consumed.

B-Caryophyllene Flavor, Aroma, and Effects

Just in case you’re wondering what scents and flavors BCP terpene produces, it is so distinct and hard to miss.

β-caryophyllene aromas and flavors

Pungent, skunky, musky, spicy, peppery, floral, citrusy, creamy, and earthy are common words used to describe the terpene’s variety of aromas and tastes. In short, the flavors and aromas spark curiosity and an invitation to explore.

β-caryophyllene effects

The effects vary based on strain type. Sativa strains high in BCP are known for producing an energetic and cerebral experience. For example, medical and recreational consumers may appreciate Sour Diesel’s uplifting effects on stress and depressive moods. Indicas, such as Sherbert OG, lean more toward relaxation and sleepy effects. Gelato is one of the well-balanced hybrids that create a heavy-body effect and may work well for pain, fatigue, anxiety, and sleep. Overall, the effects and experience may vary in Individual consumers based on a variety of factors. These include:

  • Amount (percentage) in a particular strain
  • The person’s body chemistry
  • Growing, harvesting, and processing methods used

Top Beta Caryophyllene Weed Strains

Cannabis strains containing some of the highest levels of beta-caryophyllene can be found on Washington dispensary menus. Chances are, you consumed one or more listed below without knowing they are rich in this special terpene.

  • Sour Diesel: Sativa
  • Girl Scout Cookies: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Original Glue: Indica-dominant
  • Sherbert: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Purple Punch: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Gelato: Evenly-balanced hybrid
  • Do-Si-Dos: Indica-dominant hybrid

Find Your Favorite Beta Caryophyllene Strains at HWY 420

Caryophyllene may provide an overall positive impact for those looking for natural relief or a holistic experience. Explore our recreational and medical cannabis menu for cannabis flowers, tinctures, edibles, and other BCP-rich products. We provide an order ahead for pickup service for your convenience. Choose your store in Bremerton or Silverdale WA, and take it from there. Open daily from 8am-9pm.


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