$20 Vape Carts for Sale in Bremerton and Silverdale, WA


$20 Vape Carts for Sale in Bremerton & Silverdale, WA

On the lookout for cheap vape carts? Whether you’re shopping in Silverdale or Bremerton at HWY 420, we’ve got you covered if you need a cannabis vape and also need to save your hard-earned cash. In fact, we’ve got a handful of vape carts for around $20 on the menu at both of our WA dispensaries. Check out all the details to make sure you get your hands on our $20 vape carts below.

Shop the Top Vape Carts in Bremerton, WA

$20 Vape Carts for Sale in Bremerton & Silverdale, WA

Check Out the $20 Vape Carts at HWY 420’s WA Dispensaries

At HWY 420, we’re kind of famous for all of our dispensary deals, including excellent prices on some of the best vape cart brands in the state. Take a look at what you can expect for around the $20 price point below.

Vape Cart Deals in Silverdale

Whether you’re looking for a good Sativa-leaning vape extracted from a classic strain or an Indica strain that leaves you immediately relaxed, we’ve got vapes of every kind for a good price at our Silverdale location.

A few vape carts you’ll see around the $20 price point in Silverdale include:

  • Pure Afghan from Deep Space – An Indica strain with earthy spiciness that leaves your body relaxed and your mind adrift
  • Tank Girl from Low Orbit – A Sativa strain sprinkled with sweet floral notes and a soothing energetic effect
  • Key Lime Diesel from Deep Space – A complexly flavored lime-tinged Sativa strain with high potency and loads of energy to deliver
  • White Widow from Deep Space – A classic Sativa-leaning hybrid that tastes like spicy citrus and is known for its chill vibe and mental uplift

Vape Cart Deals in Bremerton

We’ve got just as many good vape deals in Bremerton when you’re shopping with limited funds and still want a high-quality pick from a good brand. A few vape carts you’ll catch on our Bremerton menu for an awesome price on occasion include:

  • 10:1 AC/DC from Skagit Organics – A Sativa CBD strain with the ability to leave you focused and ready to get on with the day
  • Peaches and Cream from O-Pen – A sweet, creamy hybrid pick with tons of flavor and a nice balanced high
  • Lemon Jack from Airo Pro Series – A Sativa-dominant strain with an energetic uplift and inviting social-buzz qualities

Get the Best Vape Cart Deals in Washington State at HWY 420

From low prices on vape carts and disposables to great savings opportunities on everything else, HWY 420 has always got you covered with the lowest prices around. Ready to order your picks for pickup? Be sure to check out our menu in Bremerton and Silverdale to get started.

Shop the Top Vape Carts in Silverdale, WA

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