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Medical Marijuana in WA Now Tax Free

Have you heard the news? Medical marijuana in WA is now tax-free. So, if you are already a medical cannabis patient, you have a reason to celebrate! No more taxes means your cannabis medicine is even more affordable. However, if you are someone with a qualifying condition yet to get your medical marijuana card in Washington State, now may be the time. Check out the details on how to get a medical card in Washington, how much money you can save with no more taxes, and more below.

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How to Get a Medical Card in Washington

The Washington State Department of Health oversees medical cannabis in WA. Thankfully, the agency does not make you go through too many hoops to get enrolled as a patient.

1. Evaluate the Eligibility Requirements to Make Sure You Qualify

WA is allowed to authorize individuals who have approved qualifying conditions to use cannabis as medicine. Those conditions include things like:

  • Intractable pain
  • Epilepsy or seizure disorder
  • PTSD
  • Glaucoma
  • Anorexia
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • HIV
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Hepatitis C with debilitating symptoms
  • Traumatic brain injury

2. Schedule an Appointment with Your Doctor

Schedule an appointment with your doctor and let them know you are trying to obtain medical cannabis authorization. They will evaluate your condition and symptoms and determine if you will benefit from treatment. If so, you will be given a medical cannabis authorization form signed by your doctor.

3. Visit a Medical-Cannabis-Endorsed Store to Get Your Card

Contact a nearby medically endorsed dispensary to schedule an appointment with a certified cannabis consultant. During the appointment, the consultant will review the authorization, compare it to the patient’s state identification, take photos, enter information into the database, generate the card, and return it to the patient. You can then use your card to purchase medical cannabis.

What are the benefits of having a medical marijuana card in WA?

Check out just a few good reasons to consider getting your medical marijuana card in Washington State below:

  • Save money – Did we mention medical cannabis is now tax-free in WA? This is a big deal because WA medical cannabis patients were paying some of the highest taxes in the country. Medical cannabis patients were once responsible for paying a 37% excise tax on medical marijuana but that is now a thing of the past. Unfortunately, recreational customers are still responsible for this tax.
  • Shop both menus – There can be similarities between adult-use and medical menus, but vastly different products. If you are a medical cannabis patient who is over the age of 21, you have the freedom to select products from either menu.
  • Get cannabis for wellness at 18 – If you are only 18 without a medical marijuana card, you are not legally able to shop for cannabis even if you need it for medicinal purposes. However, if you are 18 with a qualifying medical condition and a medical marijuana card, you can shop for your cannabis at 18 instead of 21.

FAQs About the WA Medical Marijuana Program

How do you find medical marijuana Drs in Washington?

Most doctors in Washington State can provide an authorization form for you, even your private care provider. Be sure to ask if they can help you get authorized when you call to schedule an appointment.

How long is your medical marijuana card good for in WA?

Once you have your medical marijuana authorization, reauthorization is good for up to a year. You will need to revisit your doctor to get a renewed authorization when yours expires.

How much does a WA MMJ card cost?

The only cost required to register is $1, but some dispensaries charge more for the consultation to get your card, usually no more than $10. Besides this small fee, you are only responsible for paying for your initial doctor’s visit to obtain authorization.

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