Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well!

We’re finally starting to break out of the cloudy winter weather and are moving on into sunny sky filled spring days! And what a good way to ring in those days than with a bowl of a fun and social strain like Grapefruit from Trailblazin’!

Trailblazin’ Cannabis

is a staple in the Northwest cannabis community. They are a pesticide free, hand trimmed, DOH Certified farm based out of Bellingham, Washington. They have won numerous awards and have a great selection of other strains as well.

Grapefruit Strain

Packaging:  From the get go I have to say that the packaging looks great. The pink color scheme fits the name of the strain perfectly and draws your attention immediately. The jar is taller with a decent sized window on it so you can see the buds. It has a card inside the container to help give you info about the strain, but it can also be used as a backdrop if you’re trying to to see how the buds look in the jar beforehand.

Smell: The smell of the bud was pretty interesting. It was pretty heavy on the pepper and pine but it was rather floral as well with an undertone of hops. After I ground it up, the smell of hops and pine really came through.

Texture: The texture was great. It was squishy but not crumbly and had a nice crack to it when pulling it off the stem. You can tell that these buds are hand trimmed because each one looked great and was consistent.

Visual: The look of the bud was beautiful. The flower is light green with orange all over and is trichome covered. If you’re looking for a pretty strain, or are someone who just likes nice looking flower, this is a good one.

The Taste: Now this is where things can get interesting. The taste was a somewhat subtle but invigorating. I didn’t really taste much in the flavor of grapefruit, but, I could taste lemongrass and sweet pine. It wasn’t what I was expecting in the form of flavor, but it was welcomed for sure!

The High: This was a very enjoyable high! It hit in about 2-3 minutes and was a creeper. Once I noticed the high, things started to feel a bit more euphoric, I felt a bit more energetic, and felt very chatty.  While that is a lot of fun and great to feel, the negative sides to that could be that you can start to have a bit more introspective thoughts and possible anxiety.

Overall: Grapefruit from Trailblazin’ is a great strain if you’re looking for a pick me up, having a get together, or are looking to get things done.

As always, thanks for reading! Stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy, pack a bowl and watch time fly.

Until next time!


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