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Hindu Kush RSO by Skagit Organics, Review by Patrick (Issue 3)

Howdy y’all!

We’re going to take a look at something that’s still quite the anomaly in the cannabis world. RSO (Rick Simpson oil). RSO is one of the more fascinating products that the cannabis world has to offer in means of use.

After a quick little history on RSO, I’m going to jump into a review and breakdown of Hindu Kush, an RSO I had from Skagit Organics.

Quick History On RSO:

Rick Simpson was a man (passed away in 2018) who was suffering from many different medical ailments all at once. He had used cannabis to help with his ailments in the past, but for some of his other ones that would wind up becoming more prevalent as he got older he decided to see if there could potentially be something more he could do with the plant.

RSO Definition:

RSO (Rick Simpson oil) is an oil that’s derived from cannabis. Unlike other solvent extracts that take trichomes off of the buds, RSO contains the cannabinoids, terpenes and other components of the cannabis plant!

RSO Application:

Since RSO is such a diverse thing, you can ingest it with food, you can put it onto skin if you need relief to a specific area, you can bake it, really you can do nearly anything. The way that RSO is stored is inside a syringe with marks on it to show you doses. All you have to do is lightly press down on the top part of the syringe and you’re golden. Do be careful though, this is potent stuff and it can sometimes shoot out in a glob.

Hopefully that gave you a little bit of an idea of what RSO is about, now let’s get on to talking about Hindu Kush RSO from Skagit Organics.

Skagit Organics:

Skagit Organics has been the go-to trusted source for RSO in Washington State. They are D.O.H. compliant, pesticide free, consistent and to top it all off, they were voted best RSO in Washington in the 2023 NW Leaf Bowl!!

Hindu Kush:

Hindu Kush is a top 5 favorite strain of mine which is why I chose this. It’s a landrace indica with a plethora of terpenes and cannabinoids that is almost hard to fathom for a land race.

To give you an idea of how powerful Hindu Kush and RSO is, these are the cannabinoids and their percentages:

THC: 61.51%     CBD: 6.00%     THCV: 0.28%     CBN: 0.69%     CBG: 3.10%     CBD: 1.60%      total cannabinoids: 73%

Hindu Kush Taste And Feel:

The taste of Hindu Kush RSO can be a little off putting. It’s very piney, woody, with a little bit of a floral aftertaste and has a chewy grainy texture if you eat it and don’t happen to get all the RSO off said item while eating it. It’s best to eat it with food to help kill the bitterness, but sometimes it still comes through.

For those who are looking to use it as a topical, be prepared for a very stringy and sticky texture.

Hindu Kush High:

I took a recommended pea size dose and the high that I got from it was relaxing and made me feel happy and calm. I got a little bit of a body tingle followed by my muscles unclenching and a full body release that let me drift into a full 8 hours of sleep.


Hindu Kush by Skagit Organics is one of the best indica RSO oils on the market. There is a clear reason why they won the award for best RSO in Washington. This is a clean oil, the effect is spot on, and if you’re looking for an introduction to RSO look no further than Skagit Organics for a consistent and quality product.

As always, thanks for reading! This world is crazy, make some time for yourself, make someone laugh, enjoy a bowl and watch time fly.

Until next time,


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