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Space Candy Strain

The Space Candy strain comes from the Heroes of the Farm, which created the weed as a hybrid. Space Candy has one of the more unique flavor profiles and appeals to fans of a sweeter smoke. Space Candy weed is very well-balanced and has a 16 percent THC level.

Space Candy Strain Information

Strain type: Is Space Candy indica or sativa?

Space Candy marijuana is a hybrid type—50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa. The mix makes the weed provide a happy and relaxed feeling simultaneously.

More Space Candy Characteristics

Although Space Candy has small flowers, the weed packs a powerful punch. Grown out of Colorado, the Space Candy hybrid can be challenging to locate out of state. Space Candy has both an earthy and sweet quality to it.

Getting to Know Space Candy


Space Candy arose from two different parent strains—a hybrid known as Space Queen and the hybrid Cotton Candy. The Space Queen has very uplifting effects and can make some users feel a strong buzz. The buds on the Space Queen are much larger than its child, Space Candy. Cotton Candy, also called Cotton Candy Kush, provides a relaxing sensation, which passes on to the Space Candy strain.


Space Candy marijuana has a light forest green color with tiny buds clustered close together. Distinctive soft orange hairs cover the buds along with a sticky resin coat. Space Candy will also have large amber trichomes.


Space Candy has one of the most beloved scents in the industry. You’ll notice a fruity smell with also an earthy, woodsy scent.


Space Candy has a flavor profile close to the scent you’ll notice when smoking. The flavor will remind you of candy apples with a hint of nuttiness. You’ll observe a berry flavor, too.


The terpenes in Space Candy are an interesting mix. The most dominant is terpinolene. Terpinolene is usually only present in small amounts, making Space Candy a rarity. The terpene is responsible for the sweet and fresh scent of the weed.

Effects: How will the Space Candy strain make me feel?

Reviews for Space Candy have focused on how the weed gives you an uplifting sensation. You’ll likely feel happy and almost euphoric after enjoying a bowl. Use Space Candy any time of day since you’ll likely feel relaxed without being overly drowsy.

Strains like Space Candy

Although Space Candy has original qualities, you can find a few other strains with similar traits. Space Candy has been compared favorably to Cherry Cookies, Orange Sherbet, and Candy Kream.

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Dispensaries in Washington, like HWY 420, may have Space Candy available to clients. If HWY 420 doesn’t currently offer Space Candy at the time, customer service team members can recommend strains that offer a similar vibe.

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