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Trail Blazin’ Productions is a craft cannabis farm located in Washington State. The growers have committed to creating high-quality and sustainably grown cannabis. HWY 420 is proud to offer a range of Trail Blazin’ weed at our Bremerton and Silverdale dispensaries.

Trail Blazin’ has the distinction of being one of the first legal cannabis companies in the United States. For years, they have perfected their craft by using natural methods to cultivate and harvest cannabis. All products from Trail Blazin’ are pesticide-free and grown indoors using LED lighting.

Trail Blazin’ specializes in medically certified cannabis products. To maintain certifications, the company must abide by the Washington State Department of Health requirements. All cannabis has to get tested for pesticides and heavy metals before receiving approval.

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Trail Blazin' Productions:

Product Lineup

Trail Blazin’ offers a diverse product line that caters to the needs of all cannabis consumers. Each product the weed brand releases is meant to provide a different experience. Here are a few of your best bets when shopping for Trail Blazin’ products in Washington:


Trail Blazin edibles are perfect for those who prefer an alternative to smoking. The producer makes edibles with pesticide-free cannabis and other high-quality ingredients. Choose from gummies, chocolates, and even flavored drinks.


Trail Blazin’ takes pride in its premium flower selection. With various strains to choose from, each flower product is grown only using sustainable methods. Highlighted strains include Amnesia, Dutch-47, Purple Urkle, and GG4.


For those who prefer the convenience of pre-rolled joints, Trail Blazin’ offers a selection of pre-rolls packed with their top strains. Pre-rolls come in cannabis strains like Space Wrangler, Pennywise, Northern Lights, and Harlequin.


Trail Blazin’ produces topicals to provide therapeutic benefits to those who want physical relief from everyday aches and pains. You can shop Trail Blazin’s oils, creams, and salves at HWY 420. 

Trail Blazin FAQs

Are Trail Blazin’ products pesticide-free?

Yes, Trail Blazin’ is committed to being pesticide-free. The producer uses all-natural methods to eliminate pests and doesn’t use soil to grow its cannabis.

Are Trail Blazin’ products medically certified?

Yes, Trail Blazin’ produces medically certified cannabis products. The Washington State Department of Health has deemed the cannabis from the company safe for medical cardholders.

Are Trail Blazin’ products sustainably grown?

Yes, Trail Blazin’ prioritizes sustainability. Although not certified organic, they have an eco-friendly approach using LED lighting. All plants are also hand-trimmed to ensure quality.

Trail Blazin Review

Customers who have tried Trail Blazin’ cannabis rave about the quality of the weed. Customer favorites include the Purple Urkle, Dutch Grapefruit, and Northern Lights strains. The dedicated team from Trail Blazin’ Productions has perfected each strain through their tireless efforts.

Where to Buy Trail Blazin' Productions in WA

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HWY 420 can provide you with all your favorite Trail Blazin’ weed products. Visit our Bremerton or Silverdale dispensaries to browse offerings. View the online menu to shop for current selections.

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HWY 420 is open daily at the Bremerton and Silverdale locations. Both offer order-ahead options for quick and easy pickup.

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