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Orangeade appeals to diehard fans of citrus weed. The hybrid is well-known for providing an energized and happy feeling after use. Orangeade weed has a low THC amount, making it ideal for those new to smoking. Some prefer to enjoy Orangeade as an excellent smoke to start the day.

Orangeade Strain Information

Strain Type: Is Orangeade Indica or Sativa?

Orangeade marijuana is a true hybrid and consists of 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa. Some sativa traits seem more dominant in the weed, with users feeling more energized than relaxed.

More Orangeade Characteristics

After the use of Orangeade, you will not feel sedated. Instead, you’ll note a good mood and a desire to tackle your to-do lists. The overall sensations are very mild and tolerated well by most new users. Orangeade has few poor side effects, with only the occasional reports of dry eyes or mouth.

Getting to Know Orangeade


Orangeade marijuana is a true hybrid and consists of 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa. Some sativa traits seem more dominant in the weed, with users feeling more energized than relaxed.Orangeade comes from two different parent strains—Tangie and Purple Punch. Tangie is a sativa hybrid with a tangerine flavor and scent. Comparably, Purple Punch represents the indica side of its child, Orangeade. Purple Punch has a grape flavor profile with relaxing effects penetrating the entire body.


You’ll notice the bright orange color of Orangeade marijuana when choosing the bud. The nugs of Orangeade have an oval shape and a lime green color. You’ll also see the bright orange hairs with a coating of white crystallized trichomes.


Orangeade has a citrusy aroma that you can’t miss. However, you’ll also find notes of woodsy and spicy scents when smoking.


The scent and taste of Orangeade weed are very close. You’ll experience a blend of citrus, floral, and spicy flavors. Some fans report the weed making you feel like you have a tall glass of orange lemonade in hand.


The dominant terpene in Orangeade is unsurprisingly limonene. The addition of the limonene gives the weed its fresh citrus scent. Keep in mind that strains with dominant limonene tend to be associated with positive mood effects.

Effects: How will the Orangeade strain make me feel?

Orangeade reviews have been positive, with very few users reporting any significant downsides of the strain. Reviews have pointed out consumers feel happy and creative after smoking Orangeade weed. Orangeade can help manage any feelings of anxiety and stress. The mind and body will feel calm as the smoke enters the body.

Strains like Orangeade

Orangeade is often compared to other strains with intense citrus flavors, including Firecracker, White Lightning, Orange Cookies, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Magik and Root Beer Float will offer up the same euphoric effect.

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Where to Buy Orangeade in Washington

HWY 420

Where to Buy Orangeade in Washington

Dispensaries in Washington State, including HWY 420, may have Orangeade available to clients. Strain availability changes often, but team members can let you know what stock is currently offered at their locations.

Buy Orangeade at HWY 420

You can contact the HWY 420 dispensary in Bremerton at 1110 Charleston Beach W to inquire about the Orangeade strain. Also, the Silverdale dispensary at 11493 Clear Creek Road NW in Washington may have some product availability. The dispensaries are open daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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