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Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda is a cannabis strain that offers a balanced effect of mindfulness and relaxation. It’s a hybrid flower, but it doesn’t have any specific parentage, so it’s a fully unique strain. The name of Black Cherry Soda comes from the coloration of the bud and the “fizzy,” soda-like taste it evokes.

Is Black Cherry Soda Indica or Sativa?

Black Cherry Soda is a Sativa-dominant strain, with a balance of about 20 percent Indica and 80 percent Sativa. So, this is a good bud to smoke during the day as it won’t give you couch lock or make you feel too relaxed.

More Black Cherry Soda Strain Characteristics


This strain is wholly unique, meaning that it is not a cross-breed of existing cannabis strains. It is possible that Black Cherry Soda may be used to breed future strains.


Black Cherry Soda has incredibly dense buds with deep purple and green hues. You can also spot some light orange hairs sticking out from the thick clumps of flowers.


This strain has a relatively pleasant aroma, with a slightly sweet and blueberry scent. However, it is a bit strong and can be pungent if inhaled in large doses.


Although this strain doesn’t really taste like soda, it still tickles your taste buds and gives you the same sensation as drinking a heavily carbonated soft drink. It’s a little spicy, a little sweet, and very fruity.


The primary terpene in Black Cherry Soda is limonene, but it also contains caryophyllene and myrcene.

Effects: How will the Black Cherry Soda strain make me feel?

As a Sativa-dominant strain, Black Cherry Soda will give you a head high. So, you’ll feel more energized and creative but also relaxed and mellow.

Strains like Black Cherry Soda

Other strains that are similar to Black Cherry Soda in terms of effects and flavors include Strawberry Banana and Fruit Loops.

Where to Buy Black Cherry Soda Strain in Washington State

Black Cherry Soda is a pretty popular strain, so it’s not hard to find in Washington. Many growers have this flower on hand, so you should be able to track it down pretty easily.

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