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Berry Pie Strain

Berry Pie is a strain released by Berner’s Cookies from Los Angeles, a cultivator known for creating potent and delicious strains. Berry Pie is a tasty, aromatic flower that doesn’t overpower. Its THC level provides just enough of a boost to keep you on your feet. The strain is known for long-lasting, energetic experiences most suited for those who value productivity.

Berry Pie Strain Information

Is Berry Pie Strain indica or sativa?

If you’re wondering, what strain is Berry Pie? It’s Sativa with an average level of 22% THC and 1% CBG.

More Berry Pie Strain Characteristics

Although the initial strain has gained popularity for its happy, giggly effect on users, a few variations of Berry Pie have genetic profiles that are hybrid with more Sativa-dominant characteristics. It is common to find in a Berry Pie strain review descriptions like “euphoric,” “upbeat,” and “tasty.” It is often used while studying, doing housework and even exercising.

Getting to Know Berry Pie


Berry Pie is a cross between the parents Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry (also known as Berry Blue), producing a cookie pie crust taste that’s passed down by GSC. The parents’ heritage gives this strain its potency, with strains like Afghani, Purple Thai and Thai stemming from the Blueberry parent and OG Kush and Durban Poison on the GSC side.


Berry Pie’s appearance features colorful buds with forest-green and purple leaves, and stalky, frosty nugs that present contrasting colors of green wrapped by bright orange hairs.


It should come as no surprise when considering its name, but Berry Pie packs a sugary sweet aroma that smells similar to those freshly made blueberry waffles you love for breakfast.


The flavor of the Berry Pie strain suggests a yummy dessert treat, with the sweet taste of berry and blueberry, cloaked in creamy, tart notes.


Berry Pie’s terpene profile is made up mostly of caryophyllene, which offers inflammatory benefits, followed by the fruity limonene and floral linalool.

Effects: How will the Berry Pie strain make me feel?

The Berry Pie strain’s effects can be described as calming and euphoric, promoting introspection with a balance of steady energy that can last for hours. This makes its use during the day quite popular for those who value productivity. Its indica lineage offers some relaxation without overdoing it, which makes this strain ideal for leveling out and reducing stress so you can go about your daily activities. It creates peace, calm and focus.

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Strains like Berry Pie

Strains that are similar to Berry Pie with similar terpenes and effects include Oreoz, GSC, Honey Bee and BC Kush.

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