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HWY 420 has 2 medical & recreational cannabis dispensaries in Silverdale, WA, and Bremerton by the Shipyard, WA. Hwy 420 Silverdale is located 13 min (6.6 miles) from Bangor Base via Olympic View Rd NW. Proudly serving medical & recreational marijuana dispensary customers from Bangor Base, WA 98383 and beyond! Get directions.

Bangor Base, WA 98383 (Adult-Use & Medical) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

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Explore a professional yet down-to-earth and perfectly stocked cannabis store that’s independently owned and operated—and proud of it. Whether you’re looking for edibles, concentrates, flower, or pre-rolls to begin your adventure or premium accessories—from one-hit pipes to one-of-a-kind glass showpieces, plus blunt wraps, bongs, and dab rigs—we have you covered. In addition, we carry items of interest to CBD lovers such as tinctures, beverages, and topical CBD goods. View the product lineup menu!

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The staff are always friendly and helpful. This location is perfect for me after shopping for groceries, it's my last stop on the way home.

Teresa D. Google Review

Always have knowledgeable helpful staff. Competitive pricing. Lots of choice on products.

Victoria D. Google Review

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Special shout out to Brad (I think that is his name) the bud tender. He is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to recommending products. He keeps us coming back and i have heard much of the same positive comments from friends as well.

Nicole T. Google Review

One of the best experiences I have had purchasing cannabis. The shop was a good size (not too big, not too small) and very clean. The budtender was friendly and when I asked for recommendations provided four, I took home two, and they both are fab. Plus the name is really cool!

George W. Google Review

Bangor Base's #1 Dispensary

Why Visit Us?

At HWY 420, we understand that you have choices when it comes to shopping for cannabis near Bangor Base. That is why we work hard to make shopping easy. HWY 420 is open seven days a week from 8. a.m. to 9 p.m. You can also order ahead online and pick it up either in-store or at curbside.

HWY 420 has two recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries serving our dispensary clients near Bangor Base, Washington.

The closest option to Bangor Base is to visit HWY 420 Silverdale. The 6.7-mile journey takes 13 minutes by car and 38 minutes to bike, and an intrepid pedestrian could walk it in about 2 hours and thirteen minutes. So, whether you prefer to travel by car, bike, or on foot, your journey to an excellent cannabis shop begins.

And it’s an easy 23-minute car ride, at 14.3 miles, to our HWY 420 Bremerton location if your pleasure or business leads you in that direction. We proudly serve recreational cannabis dispensary customers from Bangor Base and beyond.

Deals for Veterans

Did you know that we don’t just thank the military for their service? We deliver deals. Veterans receive 10% off daily; on the 22nd of each month, it’s 22% off.


Q: How many pot shops can I visit in Washington state in a single day?

A: You can visit as many weed dispensaries as your heart desires. But the stores keep track of your purchases and can’t sell over the daily limit.

Q: Is weed legal in Bangor Base?

A: In Washington, adult-use cannabis is legal to consume and possess, including in Bangor Base.

Q: Who can buy weed in Washington?

A: Anyone 21 and older with a valid ID can legally purchase weed from a licensed cannabis dispensary. Plus, there’s a program to serve medical marijuana patients.


You can easily find a CBD store in Silverdale. Or, come in and discover our wide range of CBD products. Our friendly sales staff is eager to aid you in learning all about tinctures, edibles, beverages, and more.

Hitting HWY 420 Silverdale from Bangor Base, WA

Whether by car, foot, bicycle, skateboard, or iron steed, these Google map directions will guide you to HWY 420 Silverdale.

Exploring the Area

While visiting HWY 420 Silverdale from Bangor Base, WA, why not make a day of it and see the Kitsap Mall or kick back at AMC theaters? Or kick it up and explore nature hiking Clear Creek Trail. Situated on the gorgeous Kitsap Peninsula, it’s approximately 8 miles from Silverdale Waterfront Park to Trigger Avenue as Clear Creek moves through riparian areas, remnant forests, and wetlands—right in the center of a popular urban space.

The Overnighters

If you’re seeking a relaxing weekend or celebrating a special occasion, consider booking an Airbnb and exploring Silverdale at a leisurely pace.

Other Reasons to visit HWY 420 from Bangor Base, WA

Make some fun stops along the way to our dispensary, including:

  • the N.A.D Marine Park in Bremerton, a park on the bay offering beach access, walking trails and a wooded area.
  • the Bremerton Boardwalk in Bremerton, a popular waterfront gathering area with food, shops and historic sites.

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