Wow What a Wild Ride!


My name is annette and 7 years ago I decided to take my chance and buy a lottery ticket for the chance to open a retail cannabis store in Kitsap County. The Planets aligned and I opened not one but 2 retail cannabis Stores. My knowledge of cannabis, and especially the medically use of cannabis, was next to nonexistent at that time.

Now 7 years later I am a Holistic Cannabis Herbalist.  In 2018 I graduated from the Holistic Cannabis Academy and continue to learn more and more every day.  I am enjoying my ever-evolving relationship with the cannabis plant.

I consider myself an advocate for the continued study of the many benefits this plant has for our world.  I have seen over the years the magnificent changes it can make in the quality of life for many people, me included.  I now believe the plant we call cannabis can change the world, it certainly has improved my physical and mental health tenfold.  The journey I have found myself on is amazing.  Cannabis has helped my arthritis, stress level and reduced my frustration level (very needed in today’s world).

If you wish to hear more about my ongoing journey, watch our website for my upcoming blog and podcast series launching in 2022.

Remember to take time to enjoy life whenever and wherever you can.  Stay Safe and Sane and find time to Dance in the Rain.  Annette

High... Ha Ha!  My name is Zach, and I enjoy long walks on the beach and joints the size of my fist, drenched in honey oil then rolled in frosty keif.  I have tried almost every Flower, Concentrate and Edible that Hwy420 has had to offer.  I enjoy SUPER sativa's including: Skunk #1, Super Silver Haze, Maui Waui, Jack Herer, and Durban Poison. I was born in the City of Salt in Utah, a dessert dweller.  I am descended from Hawaiians, Norwegians, and Native Americans.  The first Herb I smoked was Swag out of a coke can when I was 13 years old.  With over 15 years experience under my belt, I am confident I can assist you find exZACHly what you're looking for. I understand a great deal about Marijuana, and everyday I learn so much more!!!  In my humble opinion, indica and sativa are simply the tip of the iceburg, THC %, also.  Landrace Strains, Turpines, Strain Family Trees and Taste and smells, are my research hobby.

Hi, my name is Kira. Originally I am from Southern California, but I consider myself a nomad! I lived in Oregon, Florida, California and all over the state of Utah. I went to 5 different elementary schools and I am a very social and outgoing person. I moved here with my significant other, and shortly living in Kitsap, I found my dream job! Although I have tried almost every strain that has come through HWY420,  my favorite type of marijuana is indica. I am a very wound up person, and indica helps me mellow out and stay focused throughout the day. Some of my favorites are Bubba Kush, Ogre Kush, Romulan, Crimson Pepper and Blackwater OG Kush. My love for Sativa and Hybrids grow daily, and I could never turn down a bowl of UK Cheese, Nevilles Haze, Cynex or Super Silver Haze!Nothing makes me happier than taking a cooled hit through a percolated bong. I am no expert at rolling joints, and I have just started experimenting with dabs. With all the new technology available, I still prefer it 'old school'. Load me a bowl with some hash please!My knowledge is ever growing in this industry, and I am proud to say I learn something new about marijuana everyday.  Nothing is truer to me than the statement 'not every strain is for everybody'. Over the last year I have been trying to refine the questions I ask consumers to help guide them to the 'perfect' strain!


 I’m Mataja. I love horror movies and anything Studio Ghibli. I’ve been a budtender for over three years, so come see me and ask me questions! I love teaching, especially about weed!


 Hello my name is Kevin, raised right here in Silverdale. I moved to Vegas when I was 21 and now I’m back! I’m a former mechanic and I’m also a certified nursing assistant with the state of Washington. I’ve had a few interesting jobs but being budtender has definitely been a fun and unique experience


Howzit, they call me Josh. Transplant from the Island of Hawai’i, via SD and VA. Not here for a loooong time, but definitely here for a PNW time!

Happy to be a part of the Green Team, and excited to see what direction this industry points me in. Harvesting useful knowledge is my plan. And passing it to you is my goal. 

“Tru jah jah bless I with nuff a good vibes man 

And true mi a di artist with di ganja inna di land 

Make doctors get nuff medication 

And so dem coulda give it to dem sick patients 

Make chemists get nuff medication 

And so dem coulda brew new medication 

Make singers get some inspiration 

And so dem coulda spread jah message pon di land…” J Boog

#teamsativa #alohastateofmind #hwy420silverdale


Hi, my name is Levi.  I am about as local as you can get on the Kitsap Peninsula.  I have had a passion for cannabis since I was a young child even before my own personal use.  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was very young.  Cannabis helped her with appetite and the pain from her chemotherapy.  After losing her and getting a little older I decided to try it myself and fell in love instantly.  since the I have used cannabis not only as a pain reliever but also to help inspire my creative side.  In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors, sports and I have an immense passion for music.


My name is Shawn. I have lived in San Diego and Hawaii but finally settled here in the PNW!  I like smoking sativa and sativa hybrids mostly.  My favorite strains include Diesel Thai, Blue Dream and Candyland. My current obsession is carnivorous plants and my dream is a tropical greenhouse some day!  When I'm not staring at my plants I'm playing with my dog or playing video games.  I'm always happy to answer any questions you have at the shop.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

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Hello world of smokers! 

My name is John, I was born and raised in Southern CA. I grew up playing soccer at competitive levels. Surfing is a passion of mine, nothing like a nice swell which gets you motivated to wake up at 5am. Eventually I got sick of my little surf town becoming a tourist attraction and packed my bags and headed for WA. Living up here in WA has taught me to slow down from the crazy lifestyle of LA. A fresh start is what I wanted and that’s what I got! Take action to make your dreams or visions happen! I was first introduced to cannabis at the age of 16 being a competitive athlete this was the remedy for recovery since then I have developed a love for cannabis. Cannabis fascinates me with all the different uses for it. There are still so many unknowns that I can’t wait to see what develops next! Enough rambling come see me and let’s get you motivated to seize the day! Pass it to the left!


Hey fellow friends!! My names Mckinzie, born and raised in this beautiful area so if I don't already know you, say hello! I love to paint using different mediums and smoke some indica joints on my down time . I've been painting for 10 years and my vibe is dark creepy art! I really love to see what other stoners come up with! 

My sisters are my bestfriends and my animals are my whole life so please bring pups if you got em' cause I wanna see! 

Unfortunately I'm someone who deals with a lot of pain so I really enjoy helping other heal in other ways. Good or bad day, I think we can make it better!


Hey friends! I'm Taylor, and my favorite episode of Spongebob is Season 2, episode 16 (The Night Shift). I've lived in Kitsap County for almost my entire life and have been in love with cannabis for most of that time. I'm all about hybrids and very stony sativas, and flower is for sure my preferred way of smoking. I spend most of my free time going to concerts when a pandemic isn't happening, watching an alarming amount of horror movies, playing old school fps's on my pc and hanging out with my cat, Fuzz. I also play guitar, and I stream myself playing guitar live on Twitch! ( Come say hi next time you're in, I'd love to get you some excellent bud. :)

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My name is Aly.

I was born in Seattle and have since bounced around all over this beautiful nature rich state.

I guess you could say I'm a Washingtonian through and through. 

In true Washingtonian fashion I enjoy backpacking trips, day hikes,  river floats, camping, a good cup of coffee and curling up with a good book.

Before entering the cannabis industry I worked mainly in different customer service roles and I take pride in providing an excellent customer experience. 

I entered the cannabis industry on the growing side, learning how to care for and grow, as well as process it for sale.  

I've been enjoying cannabis in its various forms for almost a decade, and have made an art form of curating the perfect pairing of strains, with my favorite hobbies and activities. 

My cannabis experience started with me being a super sativa girl, obsessed with strains like Alcopulco gold, Super lemon haze, and the classic Green crack. 

Sativas are my favorite for road trips, hikes, nights on the town, and getting chores done. 

As I've grown my preferences have too.  I love hard hitting Indicas, like Doctor who, Zkittlles, and some good old Purple Urkle. 

They are perfect for settling in and curling up with a good book  and a hot cup of tea on our rainy PNW days. 

I also really love using CBD daily. It has helped me significantly on my journey of learning to cope with  anxiety and insomnia, as well as any aches and pains. 

My favorite ways to consume cannabis are pre rolls, edibles, and oil, so come on in to see me and I'll get you adventure ready!  

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Heyyy! My name is Ally and I am 27 years old! I am a mama to my gorgeous little red headed daughter. I was born in Orlando, FL but then moved and pretty much grew up in Federal Way, WA. At the age of 15, my family and I moved to Dublin, Ireland. I grew up an athlete. I have ALWAYS played soccer, grew up competing since the age of 6. In Ireland I played on the woman’s national team and received soccer scholarships to college. I graduated from college with my bachelors in education and a minor in communications. GO COUGS! Since then, I have been raising my little one, living on my little farm in Gig Harbor and constantly outside fishing. I recently left the banking industry as the branch operations manager for the past 5 years. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing crew and get to meet all of our customers. I started smoking at 20 and have realized with having ADHD, I am backwards. So, I very much appreciate an infused indica joint to help me get through the day. At night, I like to load a bowl with a great sativa and hash. I can’t wait to keep increasing my cannabis knowledge to help all of you!