What Is Honu?

Honu is the brand name for an award-winning cannabis line including the mouth-watering and delicious Honu edibles. Wait until you see the assortment of rich, smooth, creamy edible weed that tastes like chocolate, mint, or peanut butter treats!

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The Honu Product Suite

The company that makes Honu has a fantastic lineup, from cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles and topicals.Their products are available right here at our retail showrooms in Silverdale and Bremerton. They’re easy to spot. Just look for the Purple Turtle logo. The following delicious sativa or indica Honu edibles are intended to provide desired effects, such as increased energy, focus, and relaxation.

Take bath time to new heights with these amazing Honu bath bombs:

Common questions about Honu…

Who makes Honu?

The products are made by a producer, processor, and manufacturer named Honu Inc, located in Longview, Washington. “Honu” means Hawaiian sea turtle. The name was chosen as the turtle’s nature represents the company’s philosophies, such as “humility,” and “longevity.” The family-owned and operated cannabis business is the proud winner of the 2016 Best Edibles Company and Best Sweet Edibles in Washington State awards.

Is Honu vegan?

Yes. The creators formulated Honu edibles with Vegans in mind.

How strong are Honu edibles?

The individually wrapped cannabis-infused candies are mostly sold as single packs (50mg total THC), 10 packs (50mg total THC), and 10 packs (100mg total THC).

How is Honu made?

Honu’s premium edibles are uniquely handcrafted and infused with meticulous amounts of high-quality cannabis concentrates, CBD, and other healthy ingredients. Manufacturing takes place at the company’s local tier 3 cannabis processing facility. The goal is to create a range of flavorful edible marijuana that doesn’t taste like weed. All of their products are individually tested by third-party labs to maintain the transparency and integrity of their brand.

How many Honu should I take?

As per Washington cannabis laws, Honu’s edibles are infused with a single dose of no more than 10mg of THC per serving. Turtle Mints are the only exception, containing two 5mg doses equalling 1 serving.

Reviewing Honu Cannabis Products

Talks about the impeccable quality and taste of Honu aren’t just gimmicks. The reviews speak for themselves. One Leafy reviewer described the indica Chocolate Caramel edible as their favorite relaxation product. An AskGrowers reviewer wrote that they loved Honu’s sweets from the first bite.

Where to Buy Honu in Washington

If you’ve enjoyed the quality and rich taste of Honu edibles and are yearning for more, then you’re in luck. Select medical and recreational dispensaries in WA stock the incredible sweet goodies along with other Honu products.

Buy Honu at HWY 420

We’ve made it easy for anyone 21 years and older to purchase Honu bath bombs and edibles using our online menu or at our local showroom. We’re open Mon-Sun: 8am-9pm. Our budtenders are eager to assist you!

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