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Orenda Herbalist

                                 Daily Deals

Monday : 20% off select Cartridges & Concentrates         Tuesday: 20% off select multi joint packs

Wednesday: Wisdom Wednesday 20% 55+                       Thursday: 20% off Select Edibles & Tinctures

Friday: 12% off if you rock Hawks Gear                                Saturday: 20% off select halves & ounces

                                                            Sunday: 20% off Glass

At HWY 420 our mission is to be the best recreational and medical marijuana stores in Kitsap County , if not all of Washington!  

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products, customer service and enjoyable experiences for our customers.  We are educated and knowledgeable in the newest trends and products in the world of cannabis. 


We believe in having a positive relationship with our customers, the community and local law enforcement.

Dope Awards 2016

Most Charitable Store

Best Male and Female Budtenders

Listed as one of the Top 500 Cannabis stores