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International Budtender Day, October 20, 2023

October 20

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural celebration of “International Budtender Day” on October 20, 2023.  This is the perfect occasion to show your appreciation and love for your favorite budtender, the amazing individuals who have been instrumental in guiding you through your cannabis journey.  In return they will each be putting some of their favorite products on sale for you to enjoy.  Here is a sneak preview of some of the great sales they have planned for you:

Mataja loves the Gabriel Flower.  She says all their flower – 30% OFF.


Max is digging the Grapefruit strains from Trail Balzin’ and Annette loves everything Trail Blazin” .  All Trail Blazin products – 30% OFF.

Anne is enjoying the Lush Gummies, from Verdelux.  – 30% Off.

Lucas & John are all about Blue Roots – 30% Off.

Our budtenders are the heart and soul of our dispensary, always ready with their knowledge, expertise, and warm smiles to assist you in finding the perfect products to meet your needs. They have provided top-notch service, ensuring you have the best possible experience with our cannabis offerings.

On this special day, we invite you to take a moment to give back to these exceptional individuals by leaving them a glowing review. Your words of kindness and gratitude will mean the world to them and will be a wonderful way to recognize their hard work and dedication.

To leave a review for your favorite budtender, simply click on the link provided below, and let your words of appreciation shine through. Your feedback will not only put a smile on their face but will also inspire them to continue delivering outstanding service to all our customers.

Leafly  | Silverdale                           Leafly| Bremerton

Google | Silverdale                         Google | Bremerton

Yelp | Silverdale                             Yelp| Bremerton


Let’s make International Budtender Day a day to remember, filled with love and appreciation for those who have made a positive impact on our cannabis journeys. Join us in celebrating our incredible budtenders, who have been instrumental in creating a welcoming and knowledgeable atmosphere within our dispensary.

Thank you for being a part of our cannabis community, and we look forward to sharing this special day with you at HWY 420. Happy International Budtender Day!


October 20

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