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Two Heads Cannabis Products:

Two Heads Cannabis is a farming and manufacturing company based in Washington. The founders of the company wanted to grow cannabis as cleanly and organically as possible, and they work hard to ensure that each product is as natural as can be. Two Heads makes a variety of cannabis derivatives, including vape carts, dab concentrates, sugar wax, and CBD.

Two Heads Cannabis:

Product Lineup

Although Two Heads Co. (or THC, for short) grows its own weed, it uses its plants for cartridges and concentrates. Here’s a brief overview of everything THC sells.


Not all flavors are available for vape cartridges or dab tanks. Instead, THC rotates its product line regularly, depending on variables like crop yields and pricing. Here is a complete list of flavors offered by Two Heads Co.

Premium Flavors

  • ZKZ (Hybrid)
  • Maui Waui (Sativa)
  • Island Punch (Indica)
  • Strawberry Banana (Sativa)
  • Berrylicious (Hybrid)
  • Tropical Berry (Indica)
  • T Sour Apricot (Hybrid)
  • Mango (Sativa)
  • Two Heads Extracts High-C Weed (Indica)
  • Blackberry (Indica)
  • Jack Herer (Sativa)
  • White Widow (Sativa)

Native Plants

  • Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)
  • Blue Dream (Sativa)
  • GDP (Indica)
  • Purple Urkle (Indica)
  • Dutch Treat (Indica)
  • GG4 (Hybrid)

Two Heads Cannabis Oil for Vape Carts

Two Heads offers both disposable and reusable cartridges. However, the disposable versions are also rechargeable, so you don’t necessarily have to buy new hardware every time the battery dies.

Typically, these cartridges have about 85 to 92 percent total cannabinoids. The company also produces CBD cartridges, which test at around 37 percent CBD.

Sugar Wax

If you’re into high-quality concentrates, THC makes its own sugar wax. However, the exact strain used varies from one batch to the next, so make sure to ask before buying anything. The wax has at least an 84 percent THC potency, regardless of the strain.

Dab Syringes

If you’re into dabbing, you’ll love that THC offers a wide selection of syringes. These devices are designed to be as precise as possible so you don’t overdo it. Since concentrates have such high potency, only a little dab will do it.

Two Heads Cannabis Review

Not all flavors offered by THC have been reviewed, but the most popular variety is High-C. Not only does this flavor deliver what you would expect from the name, but it generates a smooth head high that lasts. Users report positive experiences with Two Heads products, and it seems that the company’s dedication to quality shines through with each use.

Come See Us!

Where to Buy Two Heads Cannabis in WA

Two Heads cannabis is pretty easy to find in Washington, although you may not be able to find every flavor. Dab syringes and vape carts are very common, especially around the Seattle area.

Buy Two Heads From HWY 420 Near Seattle

HWY 420 is proud to partner with Two Heads Co. to sell most of its flavors at our dispensary. We’d love to have you drop by so we can show you the best strains to get high. Whether you love to vape, dab, or smoke, we have everything you need. Visit us today!

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