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What is Swell Cannabis?

Swell is a cannabis company based in Washington that has been making cannabis-derived products for over 15 years. A mother-son team founded the company, and it has remained a small operation since its inception. Swell is committed to providing high-quality edibles and vapes using organic ingredients and strains.

One notable aspect of Swell edibles is that they’re often low-sugar or sugar-free. This way, users can enjoy them without any guilt or worry about adding too much sugar to their diet.

Reviews across the web

Swell Reviews

We will drive all over town to find this. Tastes just like the peachy gummy candy and gives a pretty stony head high.

D........1 Review via Leafly

Great high one or 2 good puffs had me in the clouds and the terps are great the only downside is that they clog near the end of the cart but other than that it’s a great brand and it gets you very high.

c........s Review via Leafly

I like the spoiled products. This one tastes very good and seems to help ease my aches and pains. The only down side is that it seems to go too fast

ck Review via I Heart Jane


Product Line

How Strong are Swell Edibles?

Swell edibles run the gamut from highly potent to very mild. Some of the fruit chews contain up to 100 mg of pure THC, while others will only contain trace amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid. The company also makes blended edibles that feature CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids for better health benefits.

Who Makes Swell Edibles?

The Swell Cannabis Company in Washington makes swell Edibles. This company also makes vape cartridges.

How Many Swell Edibles Should I Take?

The number of edibles you should take depends on a few different factors. First, if you’re an experience cannabis user, you may be able to take a few gummies and feel good. If you’re new to cannabis, one should be sufficient until you see how it affects your body.

Also, keep in mind that edibles can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to take effect, depending on your biology and whether you’re taking them on a full stomach. So, make sure to wait in between each edible to verify that you’re not going to feel too high afterward.

Are Swell Edibles Vegan?

Yes, all Swell products are 100 percent vegan and made from organic materials. Each product is also certified as GMO and pesticide-free.

Swell Edibles Review

Because Swell doesn’t rely on sugar or high-fructose corn syrup for its products, it has to use high-quality fruit extracts to deliver the best flavor. According to users, the results speak for themselves, as each gummy or fruit chew is just as tasty as it looks. Plus, because there is either no sugar or a small amount, users feel even better after eating these products.

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Where to Buy Swell Cannabis Products in Washington

Where to Buy Swell Edibles in Washington

Because Swell is a local Washington company, it sells to many dispensaries throughout the state. However, it’s still a relatively small operation, so not all dispensaries will carry these edibles (or have limited flavors). You can also find Swell vape carts at different stores if you prefer to vape instead.

Buy Swell From HWY 420 in Seattle

At HWY 420, we aim to help small cannabis companies grow and thrive. That’s why we’re so proud to feature Swell edibles on our shelves, and we strive to carry each flavor at all times. If you’re interested in all-natural, vegan edibles, we can help you find other products to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt of eating too much sugar.

Come on into HWY 420 and see what a difference our products can make!

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