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Suspended Brands: The Cream Cartridges

Suspended Brands, a top retailer of premium cannabis products, including vape carts, has recently released new concentrates under The Cream line. The Cream includes Suspended Weed Carts with highly requested sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. The company uses high-quality control practices to ensure only the best products arrive in customers’ hands. Suspended Brands are available through the HWY 420 dispensaries in Washington State.

Suspended Brands The Cream Cartridges:

Product Specs

Who makes Suspended Cream Cartridges?

Suspended Cream Carts come from Suspended Brands. Located in Washington, the company provides weed to dispensaries within the state. Suspended Brands owns a 21,000-square-foot greenhouse with a semi-automatic watering system. The staff keeps the growing environment clean and compliant to harvest the best weed possible. Suspended Brand also operates a lab to produce cartridges and concentrates.

How strong are Suspended Carts?

Suspended Cream Carts have different levels of potency. Some cartridges may feel more robust than others, such as Green Crack, The White, and GG #4. For a less potent version, you can choose some versions with a CBD option, including the Grand Daddy Purple Cartridge. Remember that carts have a much higher potency than dry leaves.

How are Suspended Cream Carts made?

The entire line of The Cream cartridges is made at the Suspended Brands lab. Professionals distill concentrates on-site at the company’s Root Sciences plant. The company uses a high-tech molecular separation plant for the distillation process. Cartridges usually include a glass tube and sealed joints to protect the contents. Before being sold, the Suspended Brands carts come filled with a distilled extract from one of their current strains.

How much Suspended Cartridges should I ingest?

Suspended Carts typically come sold as 1 gram. If new to the brand or strain, you may only need one or two inhalations to feel a positive effect. Everyone has a different tolerance, and you will learn to tell the amount that works best for you. Wait 15 minutes between pulls to gauge if you need more or not.

Suspended Weed Carts Review

Suspended Brands has a history of releasing award-winning products, including its cartridges. For instance, GG #4 won High Time’s Jamaican Cup and the Cannabis Cup. The strains in the cartridges provide a euphoric feeling with a deep relaxation sensation. Products will help manage stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. Reviewers have also noted the potency and high quality of the cartridges.

Where to Buy Suspended Carts in Washington

Dispensaries in Washington State, including HWY 420, will have cartridge options available to clients, including types from Suspended Brands. Along with the cartridges, brand fans can find other Suspended products for sale, including their concentrates. The Cherry Coral concentrate is readily available at HWY 420’s Bremerton location.

Where to Buy Suspended Brands The Cream Cartridges in WA

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Visit the HWY 420 dispensary in Bremerton at 1110 Charleston Beach W to search for vape options. The Silverdale dispensary at 11493 Clear Creek Road NW in Washington may also have some product availability. The dispensaries are open daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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