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Stingers are a lineup of live resin-infused pre-rolls. What makes Stingers stand out from other pre-rolls is that they’re more potent and only use a single strain. Other pre-roll manufacturers use additives and fillers to make the product cheaper, but doing so yields a harsher, less enjoyable smoking experience.

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Stingers Reviews

Stingers- loving these pre-rolls 🥰 👌🏻.

Wallass4973 Review via Reddit

this pre roll got me the highest I've ever been

modermanehh Review via Reddit

Stingers Specs:

Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls

How Strong are Stingers?

Because Stingers are infused with live resin, they’re stronger than most other pre-rolls you can find. Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate, so you get more THC and terpenes. Also, the resin creates a smoother smoking experience, so you’ll love smoking Stingers more than other pre-rolled joints.

Overall, Stingers tend to have a THC concentration of around 40 percent, which is much higher than what you can find with most strains. So, we recommend only experienced users enjoy Stingers regularly.

How are Stingers Made?

Live resin is a solvent-based concentrate that takes time and precision to make correctly. As a rule, live resin is one of the higher quality concentrates that has a rich terpene profile.

Stingers are made by adding live resin to the cannabis flower before rolling and sealing the joint. Because of the physical nature of live resin, it’s sprinkled throughout the joint to provide a more consistent experience.

Who Makes Stingers?

Stingers are made by a local company called Gravity Cannabis. This brand only sells pre-rolls, although it grows its own buds and makes its own concentrates.

How Many Stingers Should I Take?

This answer depends on a couple of factors. First, are you an experienced cannabis user? Second, which kind of cannabis are you taking, and when?

Because Stingers are so strong, new users should only smoke part of the joint to see how they feel. While you can smoke the entire thing, it may be a bit too intense for your liking. Even experienced enthusiasts should stick to one Stinger at a time.

Plus, the type of strain matters. As a rule, Indica helps you relax and can put you in a “couch lock,” while Sativa gives you more creative energy. So, depending on the situation, you may not want to smoke much to avoid getting too buzzed or sleepy.

Stingers Review

Although Stingers are made from high-quality weed, they’re far more affordable than one might think. This affordability and potency make Stingers a popular product for experienced cannabis users. While the exact quality of the experience can vary from one strain to the next, most users report a positive view of this product.

Where to Buy Stingers in Washington

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Where to Buy Stingers in Washington

Stingers are pretty popular, so you can find them in most dispensaries throughout Washington. You can also look up specific locations online to ensure that your favorite dispensary carries the Stinger you want.

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If you’re looking for the best cannabis shopping experience, HWY 420 is the place to visit. In addition to a wide selection of Stingers, we have everything you need to get high, no matter your comfort level. Our team can also help you expand your horizons and sample new, high-quality weed from other growers and manufacturers in Washington state. Visit us today!

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