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Skagit Organics RSO

Full Extract Cannabis Oil has continued to rise in popularity each year. Also known as RSO or Rick Simpson Oil, the creators named the product after the well-known marijuana activist from Canada. You’ll find that the Full Extract Cannabis Oil is notably more potent than other types of cannabis oils. Buy Skagit Organics RSO now from HWY 420 in a range of concentrates.

Skagit Organics RSO:

Product Specs

Skagit Organics has a long history in both the recreational and medical cannabis communities in Washington. Skagit Organics Rick Simpson Oil has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that only the cleanest and purest batches are released. Skagit Organics uses food-grade alcohol to create the RSO. The company happens to be the only producer that has created DOH-Compliant Medical-Grade Full Extract Cannabis Oil.

Both HWY 420 locations—Bremerton and Silverdale dispensaries carry different types of Rick Simpson Oil.

Skagit Organics RSO Product Line

The primary product is the Full Extract Cannabis Oil Skagit Organics. The company created RSO Original to offer a versatile experience for the consumer. The oil is appropriate for bowl use, baked creations, joints, and more. Currently, buying options include whole-gram, 3-gram, and 7-gram varieties.

The RSO products from Skagit Organics have different availability based on which Washington Dispensary you use. For instance, concentrate strains from the Bremerton location include Bobba Kush, Purple Punch, Diesel Berry, and Critical Mass. The Silverdale dispensary has the Rick Simpson Oil varieties such as Power Train, Sour Tsunami, and Harley Tsu.

Skagit Organics RSO FAQs

Who makes Skagit Organics RSO?

Skagit Organics produces the Full Extract Cannabis Oil in Washington State. The company works closely with local dispensaries and offers patient consultations.

Is Skagit Organics vegan?

Skagit Organics cannabis oils are edible but are not advertised as being vegan.

How potent is RSO?

Some strains have a higher potency than others. For instance, Sour Tsunami RSO offers a higher concentration of CBD than THC. With lower THC, the oil provides better focus and clarity.

How is Rick Simpson Oil made?

The RSO is first grown as a flower with the intent of using it in concentrated form. The cannabis flower with the food-grade alcohol solvent creates the RSO.

How much RSO should I take?

Rick Simpson recommends starting with a minimal amount of RSO, about half the size of a grain of rice. He then states you can increase the dosage by double every four days. Rick does not recommend more than one gram as a single dose.

Skagit Organics RSO Review

Skagit Organics RSO is very potent, with a small amount going a long way. Luckily, side effects are limited, with only some reports of a sleepy sensation after using specific concentrates. You’ll find the quality superior to the brand’s competitors.

Where to Buy Skagit Organics RSO in WA

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Dispensaries in Washington, like HWY 420, carry Rick Simpson Oil products from Skagit Organics. Pre-order the RSO through the online menus at each location for convenient pickup at the dispensary

Buy Skagit Organics RSO at HWY 420

Find a changing selection of RSO strains at the Silverdale dispensary at 11493 Clear Creek Road NW. The Bremerton location, across the street from the Bremerton Shipyard, is at 1110 Charleston Beach W. Both HWY 420 shops are open seven days a week from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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