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Ray's Lemonade

Ray’s Lemonade™ is a popular brand of legal cannabis-infused lemonade that can be enjoyed by anyone 21 or older in Washington state. View our Silverdale Menu or Bremerton Menu and select your favorite Ray’s infused lemonade from the product lineup.

Reviews across the web

Ray's Lemonade Reviews

Very good taste! Fast acting. Great for zoning out and sleep. I love all the flavors and options.

ld Review via I Heart Jane

Taste is a perfect balance of Kiwi and Lemonade with a smooth aftertaste of strawberry. Very sudsy. Excellent soda.

Michael Carter Review via Sativa Magazine

I’ve never had a THC drink that tasted so good. Great work Ray’s Lemonade!

Michael Carter Review via Sativa Magazine

Ray's Lemonade:

Product Specs

Labeled as one of the world’s first cannabis beverages, Ray’s cannabis lemonade is infused with one or more strains to quench your yearning for liquid edible weed. The lineup includes:

Ray’s Lemonade FAQs

Who makes Ray’s Lemonade?

The delicious thirst quencher is manufactured by Dogtown Pioneers, based in Washington state. The company infuses fast-acting THC and CBD oils intended to give drinkers a sensational high.

Is Ray’s Lemonade vegan?

Yes. The THC/CBD concentrated drink is produced by extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the flowers of various cannabis plant species.

How potent is Ray’s Lemonade?

The lowest THC dose is 25 mg, while the largest is 100 mg. Unlike other liquid edible marijuana and concentrates, Ray’s 12oz bottle of weed quencher is fast-acting with effects lasting about two hours.

How is Ray’s Lemonade made?

The beverage is made from cannabis flowers grown and processed into lemonade oil at the company’s WSDA-approved Marijuana-Infused Edibles facility. The cannabis oil infused into their products is extracted using a safe alcohol extraction process. The 12 oz, 10 serving bottled drink contains up to 100 mg of THC.

How Much Ray’s Lemonade Should I Consume?

The beverage is manufactured in different doses and tastes to meet the needs of novice, intermediate, and expert marijuana consumers. Recreational drinkers can legally purchase up to seventy-two ounces of cannabis drinkables. Registered medical cannabis patients are allowed up to two hundred sixteen ounces of cannabis drinkables, as indicated by the Washington State Department of Health.

Each type/flavor is infused with varying amounts of THC and CBD. While the percentages are important, factors such as the strain (sativa, indica, or hybrid) and level of terpenes and other cannabinoids will impact the “high.”

Visit or call 360-932-3182 and speak with our knowledge budtenders to help guide your choice on dosage.

Ray’s Lemonade Review

Wondering why this tasty marijuana treat is taking Washington by storm? Reviewers are hyped over the fact that Dogtown Pioneers lemonades are supplied as indica, sativa, or hybrid. Sativa is known for creating a heavy, energetic high, while indica promotes calming relief and sleep. Hybrid Ray’s Lemonade is perfect for a balanced, euphoric experience.

One reviewer on AskGrowers called Ray’s cannabis lemonade a “great-tasting drink with a chill, laid-back effect”. Another noted that Ray’s Mango Lemonade was their personal favorite. Drinkers also love that the beverage is available to both recreational and medical marijuana consumers as well as in a variety of flavors.

Where to Buy Ray's Lemonade in WA

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Feel like sipping your ganja today? Buy the refreshing and delightfully satisfying Ray’s Lemonade at HWY 420. We’re a recreational and medical cannabis store with locations in Bremerton and Silverdale, Washington. Don’t forget to check out the large variety of beverages we offer from various producers and cultivators across the state.

Buy Ray’s Lemonade at HWY 420

We take pride in marketing only the finest quality of products for the best cannabis experience. Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, there’s a lemonade flavor that’s right for you. Feel free to browse and shop for other products including flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, or vapes. Visit our cannabis dispensary near you or call 360-932-3182.

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