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HWY 420 proudly offers a variety of local cannabis products within our Bremerton and Silverdale locations. Puffin Farm stands out as a top example of sustainability and environmental consciousness. With a reputation for “clean” cannabis, Puffin Farm products are top sellers at our Washington dispensaries.

Puffin Farm launched as a family cannabis business. With each family member’s combined expertise, they set out to run an eco-conscious cannabis farm, prioritizing sustainability and quality. Puffin Farm doesn’t rely on indoor growing practices. Instead, the producers use the power of the sun. Puffin Farm uses approximately 90 percent less electricity than indoor growers.

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Product Lineup

Puffin Farm offers a diverse range of products with many options at HWY 420. Highlights include:


Puffin Farm’s flower goes through a specialized process before reaching the hands of customers. Each plant is harvested until it reaches peak potential. Then, the flower is cold-cured for up to a year. The process helps the flower retain trichomes and terpenes. Top flower strains from Puffin include CBD Nordle, Cherry Pie, Death Star, and Yeti.

Extra Virgin Flower Oil

Puffin Farm takes flower extraction to the next level with its Extra Virgin Flower Oil or EVFO. Puffin creates high-terpene oil using an ethanol-free CO2 process. EVFO is ideal for dabbing or filling up Puffin weed vape carts. The Puffin weed disposable pen is intended for one-time use.


Puffin Farm makes its hash using a clean and solvent-free process. Puffin hash options include a dry sift hash, bubble hash, and rosin.


Puffin Farm provides a line of CBD products for those looking for a less intense cannabis experience. CBD strains will not have any intoxicating effects and promise a relaxing and healing experience instead.


For those seeking convenience, Puffin has flower pre-rolls. Hand-packed pre-rolls offer a quick and easy way to enjoy your top strains. Puffin weed included in the pre-rolls comes in 0.5-gram and 1.0-gram varieties.


Puffin Farm’s topicals are handcrafted using organic oils, herbs, and CO2 oil. Designed to provide relief from aches and pains, the Puffin cannabis oils are a must for athletes.

Puffin Farm FAQs

Are Puffin Farm products organic?

Puffin Farm products are grown using organic and sustainable methods. They don’t hold official certifications but work closely with the Sun & Earth Certification group.

What sets Puffin Farm apart from other cannabis brands?

Puffin Farm has a solid commitment to sustainability. The company only relies on natural growing methods and uses processes that won’t undermine the quality of the Puffin weed. They also sell exclusive products, like their EVFO, that other producers don’t offer. 

Where can I find Puffin Farm products?

Puffin Farm products are available at select dispensaries in Washington state, including the HWY 420 locations.

Puffin Farm Review

Customers and cannabis enthusiasts seek out Puffin cannabis for its high-quality and potent effects. Products, including the Puffin weed pen, are grown naturally without the inclusion of chemicals. HWY 420 aims to offer the best strains at competitive prices.

Where to Buy Puffin Farm in WA

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Ready to find the Puffin Farm products that work for you? Thankfully, Puffin Farm flower, hash, cartridges, and more can be found at many recreational and medical dispensaries across the state, including at HWY 420. Be sure to take a look at either our Bremerton menu or our Silverdale menu.

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