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MFused is a cannabis formulation company that works with local growers to distill cannabinoids and other ingredients from the cannabis plant. This company has been around for over 10 years, and it was founded in Seattle, Washington.

MFused’s primary selling point is that the company creates targeted distillates that only have the best ingredients. So, instead of smoking a flower and hoping for the best, MFused uses science and technology to deliver consistent and reliable results every time. It’s cannabis: upgraded.

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MFused Reviews

I got this brand in Washington. Love their stuff.

Ishtastic08 Review via Reddit

MFused distillate cartridges are awesome!

Those are amazing. Flavor ones really hit flavor town.

Wheretuh Review via Reddit


Product Line

Because the company focuses almost exclusively on distillates and tinctures, its product line consists of the following:

  • MFused Vape Pen – These pens use high-tech heating technology to nebulize the liquid inside the cartridge for a smoother, more efficient way of getting high.
  • MFused Cartridges – If you already have a vape pen, you can buy cartridge refills of your favorite flavors and strains. Some of these carts offer strain-specific results, while others are all-in-one, full-spectrum mixtures. Best of all, as MFused disposable carts, you can just toss them when you’re done.
  • MFused Battery – You can buy rechargeable batteries to keep your favorite vape pen working for years to come.
  • MFused Flower – For those who prefer to consume cannabis the old-fashioned way, they can buy flower strains and smoke them themselves.
  • MFused Single-Origin Terp Tank – Instead of using an MFused cart, you can buy a tincture of specific strains. These products also come with a heating element to vaporize the liquid quickly with as little residue as possible.

MFused Review

If you’re someone who appreciates a good smoke or bong rip, you won’t want to bother with MFused. This brand has gone all-in on vape cartridges and modern technology, so it’s not ideal for those who long for the good old-fashioned days of smoking a joint and getting high with friends.

That said, if you’re more of a modern cannabis enthusiast and prefer vaping to joint-rolling, you’ll love MFused. The company has perfected the art of distilling the best ingredients from cannabis plants and turning them into an easy-to-use product. These cartridges will get you high much faster and deliver a longer-lasting high because you’re absorbing pure cannabis liquid, not everything else that comes with the flower.

Where to Buy MFused in Washington

Come See Us!

MFused actually operates in multiple states, but due to federal laws, each state uses its own growers and suppliers. You can find MFused at most Washington dispensaries, but because the company is based in Seattle, it’s easier to find its products in the greater metro area.

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If you’re an MFused enthusiast and you live across the Sound near Bremerton (or Silverdale), you should come to HWY 420. Not only do we carry all of MFused’s products, but we have a wide selection of other cannabis items to help you get the best experience possible. Plus, if you want high-quality strains, we work with the best growers in the state! See you soon!

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