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Lucky Devil

Lucky Devil is a top-tier cannabis grower with a focus on producing high-quality, single-source products. Established two years ago, the farm underwent a complete transformation with modernized facilities and cutting-edge growing techniques. The farm is committed to sustainable practices and a meticulous approach to cultivation.


Lucky Devil

The Farm

Cultivation Techniques

  • Growing Medium: The farm uses rock wool blocks for all stages of growth, from clones to finished plants.
  • Pest Management: Neem oil and Nukem are used as pesticides, with no spraying after the third week of flowering.
  • Harvest Schedule: Harvesting occurs every three weeks, ensuring a steady supply of fresh cannabis products.

Facilities and Operations

  • Automated Watering: The farm’s watering systems have been upgraded and automated.
  • LED Lighting: State-of-the-art LED lights ensure optimal plant growth and energy efficiency.
  • Flower Rooms: There are three flower rooms, each containing between 5 and 7 different strains.
  • Two-Level Rooms: Each room is two levels tall, allowing for efficient use of space and resources.

Strain Selection and Breeding

Pheno Hunting: The farm is always on the lookout for new and exciting strains, introducing one or two new varieties every six months.

Complete Genealogy: Each strain grown at the farm comes with a complete genealogy for transparency and traceability.

Production and Team

  • Full Flower Joints: Lucky Devil uses small buds to create high-quality, full flower joints.
  • Skilled Crew: A dedicated team of four handles bucking, trimming, and packaging, ensuring a premium end product.
  • Experienced Growers: The farm boasts two expert growers with over 25 years of combined experience, focusing on quality and affordability.

Strains and Quality

  • THC and Cannabinoids: Strains typically range from 22% to 30% THC and 25% to 30% cannabinoids.
  • Test Results: Comprehensive test results are provided with each order for full transparency.

Where to Buy Lucky Devil in Washington

Come See Us!

Where to Buy Lucky Devil in Washington

The team at Lucky Devil works with local Washington dispensaries, including HWY 420, to offer their product lines to customers.

Buy Lucky Devil at HWY 420

Visit the Bremerton or Silverdale locations to pick up your Lucky Devil favorites. Open daily, the dispensaries serve recreational and medical marijuana customers.

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