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Kai’Dro is a hydroponic cannabis grower that makes flowers, pre-rolls, hash, extracts, concentrates, and kief. Because this brand uses hydroponics, it can utilize filtered, nutrient-rich water to get the best plants. While outdoor-grown cannabis is more natural, hydroponic operations have greater control over every aspect of plant production.

Reviews across the web

Kai'Dro Reviews

Nice tasting products with an amazing head high.

Montana Review via Ask Growers

Excellent products that deliver what they say. I highly recommend them.

Jacquelyn Review via Ask Growers

Their products are great for dabbing.

Schrecengost Review via Ask Growers


Product Specs

Technically, Kai’Dro has a relatively limited product selection, but these items are better than most, so it’s apparent that the brand is focused more on quality than quantity.

  • Kief – If you’re unfamiliar with kief, it’s like cannabis extract powder. These crystals are highly potent and easy to smoke in a bowl or with some hash. Kief is made by scraping the cannabis trichomes off each plant. This way, there’s nothing diluting the THC within the plant.
  • Hash – Hash is one of the most common forms of cannabis concentrates, and its production dates back hundreds of years. By smoking concentrated cannabis, you can get a bigger kick out of each smoke session.
  • Pre-Rolls – Pre-rolled joints are super convenient and offer all the same qualities as rolling your own. Kai’Dro offers strains like Hawaiian Dutch Treat, Lemon Skunk Roll, and Black Cherry Soda.

Kai’Dro Review

While Kai’Dro does offer flowers and pre-rolls, the brand is more well-known for its hash and kief. So, if you’re more of a fan of smoking hash instead of rolling a joint, Kai’Dro is an excellent purveyor of fine weed.

Although the branding looks all-natural and eco-friendly, it seems like Kai’Dro tries to use science and precision technology to deliver superior results. Yes, cannabis is a natural product, and it requires a bit of insight to grow correctly. But, hydroponics allows growers like Kai’Dro to refine their techniques for better quality and consistency with each new crop.

Where to Buy Kai'Dro in WA

Come See Us!

Kaidro cannabis is available across Washington state, including in and around Seattle. HWY 420 is one of the top dispensaries in the greater Seattle area, so if you have a hankering for hash or kief, visit one of our stores! We have two locations:

HWY 420 Bremerton
1110 Charleston Beach Rd W
Bremerton, WA 98312

HWY 420 Silverdale
11493 Clear Creek Rd NW
Silverdale, WA 98383

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