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Falcanna is a cannabis grower and manufacturer in the Olympic Peninsula outside of Seattle. The name Falcanna stems from the fact that the company is part of a falcon breeding and rehabilitation program. In addition to caring for falcons, the brand is also committed to sustainability, particularly by using biodegradable packaging for all of its products.

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Falcanna Reviews

great aroma out the bag. excellent citrus flavor. burns clean. the high is powerful, functional, and satisfying for even the most picky stoner.

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This stuff is the best stuff for a sativa that I know of very good stuff

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Two hits in a bong, and she's rolling. You can practically taste the Hoh Rainforest--Don't sleep on Sweet Falcanna's Diesel Thai.

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Falcanna Cannabis:

Product Line

As a cannabis farm, Falcanna mainly focuses on breeding and cross-breeding new and improved strains. The product lineup is not as extensive as other brands, but the company is committed to providing the best cannabis experience for its customers.


Falcanna uses an organic growing and harvesting approach, meaning the brand’s crops are all-natural and pesticide-free. The brand also commits to using only fertilizers and other ingredients certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Falcanna also harvests, cures, and packages each crop by hand for better care and attention to detail. This way, each bud has been carefully selected for quality and consistency. The company currently offers 19 unique strains, such as Blueberry Tide, Diesel Thai, Lemon Cookies, and Pacific Purple.


As with Falcanna’s flowers, each batch of concentrate is made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. The company has its own high-tech extraction facility that uses non-solvent techniques to get the most terpenes and cannabinoids from each batch. The results are a bright neon orange sugar wax. Each batch has as few chemicals and additives as possible so users get a clean dabbing experience.


Because Falcanna grows the best cannabis, it also makes the best pre-rolls. Unlike other companies that put low-quality components in their joint, Falcanna makes sure each pre-roll is packed and verified by hand. Again, the goal is quality and consistency.

Sugar Trim

Medical marijuana patients use trim to make their own edibles, and sugar trim is full of milky-while trichomes for a superior product.

Falcanna Review

Thanks to the company’s commitment to quality and consistency, most users report positive experiences with the brand. The strains are not as abundant as others grown in Washington, but they’re worth the price when you can find them.

Where to Buy Falcanna in Washington

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Where to Buy Falcanna Cannabis in Washington

Because Falcanna is a local grower on the Olympic Peninsula, dispensaries in and around Seattle are more likely to carry the brand’s strains and concentrates. As you go further from Seattle, it may be harder to find these products, although not impossible. Make sure to call ahead to verify what Falcanna items are in stock.

Buy Falcanna Cannabis From HWY 420 in Seattle

HWY 420 is close to Falcanna’s farms and growing operations, so we’re proud to feature these homegrown buds and pre-rolls in our store. If you’re looking for the best weed in the Pacific Northwest, HWY 420 has you covered, no matter your experience level or preference. In addition to Falcanna, we carry all the top brands and strains you could want, so come on in!

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