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Looking to experience the therapeutic nature of cannabis? Tinctures and capsules are often a preferred choice for customers looking for help with sleep, pain, or otherwise due to convenience and easy dosing. Fairwinds tincture and Fairwinds capsules offer just that. Take a closer look at some popular products offered by Fairwinds Cannabis, what customers have to say, and more.

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Fairwinds Reviews

This is the most wonderful tincture for a good night’s rest. I sleep through the night and wake up rejuvenated without any grogginess or side effects.

d**8 Review via Leafly

Let’s put it this way. My roommate loves these, my friend loves them too. A guy at the store that sells them say they gave him back his life after serving in the military.

J6 Review via Leafly

Great Product.

p*0 Review via Leafly

Fairwinds Cannabis:

Product Lineup

Fairwinds Cannabis is a Washington-based nutraceutical cannabis wellness company that opened its doors in 2014. Rooted in a foundational belief that natural medicine made with cannabis can be highly beneficial. Fairwinds brought to life a number of uniquely-engineered cannabis products. While Fairwinds tincture and capsules are the most popular products, the brand also produces cannabis-extract-infused inhalers and suppositories for various experiences.

The Fairwinds Tincture Lineup

  • Fairwinds Deep Sleep Tincture – 30mg CBD and 50mg THC per bottle
  • Fairwinds Defense Tincture AM – 625mg CBD, 625mg CBG, and 50mg THC per bottle
  • Fairwinds Defense Tincture PM – 625mg CBD, 500mg CBG, 125mg CBN, and 50mg THC per bottle
  • Fairwinds Digestify Tincture – 625mg CBG, 125mg CBD, and 25mg THC per bottle
  • Fairwinds Mental Balance Tincture – 375mg CBG, 375mg CBD, 75mg CBN, and 40mg THC per bottle
  • Fairwinds Sriracha Tincture – 100mg THC per bottle
  • Fairwinds Lifestyle Tinctures, Sativa and Indica – 100mg THC per bottle

The Fairwinds Capsules Lineup

  • Fairwinds Deeper Sleep Capsules with CBN – 10mg CBN,10mg CBD, and 2mg THC per capsule
  • Fairwinds Full Extract Cannabis Oil Capsules – 50mg CBD, 50mg CBG, and 2mg THC per capsule
  • Fairwinds Lifestyle Indica and Sativa Capsules – 10mg THC per capsule
  • Fairwinds Mental Balance Capsules – 15mg CBG, 10mg CBD, 3mg CBN, and 1.6mg THC per capsule
  • Fairwinds CBD Ratio Capsules – 1:1 CBD and THC, 1:1:1 CBD, THC, and CBG, 10:1 CBD and THC, 5:1 CBD and THC, 20:1 CBD and THC

Fairwinds Tinctures and Capsules Reviews

Fairwinds products generally have excellent reviews from happy customers. For example, for the deep sleep tincture Fairwinds offers, Leafly reviewers claim the product is “wonderful” and helped them sleep without feeling groggy or experiencing undesirable side effects. Customers enjoy the fact that Fairwinds offers an array of options with different cannabinoid concentrations to support different experience goals as well. And, the products are made with the utmost quality and reliability in terms of effects and ingredients.

Fairwinds FAQs

How many Fairwinds capsules, or how much tincture should I take?

Fairwinds product dosage information can vary for each unique product and each person. For example, one capsule may work or the recommended Fairwinds Deep Sleep tincture dosage may be a dropperful. However, each individual may have unique needs or biological ways of processing cannabis products.

How potent is Fairwinds cannabis tincture?

The potencies of each Fairwinds tincture can vary in terms of how much THC or other cannabinoids. Be sure to look closely at your chosen product to understand the potency and use your experience with cannabis products to determine the proper dosage for you.

What is the Fairwinds Companion tincture dosage?

There are no recommended dosage amounts with Fairwinds companion tinctures. For best results, it is best to start with the smallest amount, such as a drop or two on the tongue or in food.

Where to Buy Fairwinds Cannabis in WA

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Ready to find the Fairwinds products that work for you? Thankfully, Fairwinds capsules, tinctures, and more can be found at many recreational and medical dispensaries across the state, including at HWY 420. Be sure to take a look at either our Bremerton menu or our Silverdale menu.

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