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Captain Yeti

Captain Yeti weed is gaining a solid reputation in the industry. Although the brand is new, Captain Yeti launched with an experienced cannabis team behind them. Captain Yeti marijuana products come out of Washington State with more than 15,000 pounds of legalized cannabis sold under the brand. HWY 420 has partnered with the company to retail Captain Yeti concentrates, prerolls, and more.

Captain Yeti:

Product Specs

What is Captain Yeti?

Captain Yeti is a Washington-based distributor of cannabis strains. You may locate Captain Yeti cartridges, concentrates, and prerolls at HWY 420’s Bremerton and Silverdale dispensaries. Captain Yeti weed strains change routinely, with new selections available through HWY 420 locations. Pre-order Captain Yeti marijuana products online for fast and convenient pickup.

Captain Yeti FAQs

Before purchasing Captain Yeti from HWY 420, you may have product and brand questions.

Who makes Captain Yeti?

The CEO, Kelly Arms, and her Washington-based team facilitate the products grown by Captain Yeti. Captain Yeti has partnerships with local genetics companies to create some of the most-requested strains in the state.

Is Captain Yeti vegan?

Captain Yeti does have a selection of edibles for sale. However, they are not certified as vegan.

How strong are Captain Yeti products?

The potency of Captain Yeti products ranges from mild to intense. Each strain will have details of its effects. For example, a Captain Yeti preroll like the IJ Hash Vampire Sunrise will have a potency of 45 percent THC. Magic Nightmare Potion is even more potent, with a THC of 49 percent.

Captain Yeti Product Line

Captain Yeti products most often sold through HWY 420 include hash joints and flower. Hash Joints are prerolls without the use of any paper. Hash joints from Captain Yeti have no fillers, such as paper and glue. The joint contains a cannabis concentrate to give more powerful and long-lasting effects. The cannabis flower from Captain Yeti comes in the strain’s purest form. Cannabis flowers give you more options on how you use weed. You can place the flower inside a rolling paper, smoke with a pipe, or enjoy it with a bong.

Captain Yeti Review

Captain Yeti has a diverse selection of flower and concentrates. The goal of Captain Yeti is to give consumers access to as many strains as possible to help them find their favorites at Washington dispensaries. The company specializes in hybrids that are potent with long-lasting effects. Sizing options vary for Captain Yeti prerolls, concentrates, and flower. Most prerolls are sold as 1.5 grams, while flower come in options that include 3.5 grams and 7 grams.

Where to Buy Captain Yeti in WA

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Purchase Captain Yeti marijuana at dispensaries affiliated with the brand. Dispensaries like HWY 420 retail a selection of the company’s most popular hash joints, prerolls, flower, and more. The dispensaries are located outside the Seattle, Washington metro area in two convenient locations.

Buy Captain Yeti at HWY 420

HWY 420 has two convenient locations in Washington. You can purchase Captain Yeti at the Silverdale dispensary at 11493 Clear Creek Road NW. The Bremerton location is directly across from the Bremerton Shipyard at 1110 Charleston Beach W. Both sites are open seven days a week from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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