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Burnwell is a small craft cannabis company located in Washington State. The Burnwell brand came from the idea that cannabis should only be grown using sustainable practices. Using a sun-enhanced indoor growing space, Burnwell aims to reduce its carbon footprint. With full-spectrum light options, the cannabis from Burnwell grows to its full potential.

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Burnwell Reviews

I smoked a joint of these lovely light buds, and the smoke stayed smooth throughout. The flavor holds up in the smoke, leaning more towards the citrus side of things. The high is up, and a little trippy at first. It relaxes out as time goes on. A great high to start your day. These flavors have been around for a long time, there is a reason for that. I hope they stay around for a long time to come.

Thosetowhoevilisdone Review via Reddit

This strain tastes and smells like cherries dipped in maple syrup. I’ve never had weed that tastes and smells so good.

trentonv1999 Review via Reddit

One of my new favorites! Nice clean and clear high, super smooth smoke (hit from Pax 3), and great flavor. Will be buying more from Burnwell. Get your hands on their Candy Jack if you can!!

t........y Review via Leafly

Burnwell Cannabis:

Product Line

Burnwell products are available at HWY 420 for recreational and medical marijuana customers. Client favorites from Burnwell include:

  • Premium Flower: The flower from Burnwell comes in size options that range from 1 gram to 14 grams. Strains include indica, sativa, and hybrid. Top sellers are Grand Hindu, Mimosa, and Grape Stomper.
  • Terp Sugar: The line of concentrates from Burnwell are typically sold in 1-gram containers. Terp sugar strains include Inzane, Tangie, and Dog Walker
  • Pre-rolls: The pre-roll packs from Burnwell make it easy to smoke your favorite weed strains on the go. Most of the pre-rolls come in 3.75-gram single packs.

Burnwell Review

Burnwell fans like purchasing from a company prioritizing sustainability and green growing solutions. Reviewers also praised the quality and consistency of each batch released by Burnwell.

The following are Burnwell FAQs:

Are the products from Burnwell strong?

By allowing the cannabis to be grown in natural conditions and without the use of pesticides, the cannabinoids in the strains can genuinely stand out.

What other products are sold by Burnwell?

Burnwell has extensive offerings that you can test out by visiting HWY 420. For instance, live resin options come sold as PAX pods or vape cartridges.

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Where to Burnwell in Washington

HWY 420 is one of the local Washington dispensaries that offer a selection of Burnwell products. Find Burnwell at the Bremerton and Silverdale locations.

Buy Burnwell at HWY 420

Visit the Bremerton or Silverdale locations to pick up your Burnwell favorites. Open daily, the dispensaries serve recreational and medical marijuana customers.

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