Your smile is our favorite perk at HWY 420 Cannabis

Three years ago in 2014 we were blessed with the opportunity to join a small group of cannabis pioneers who would pave the way for recreational cannabis nationwide.

One passionate entrepreneur and a team of highly educated cannabis professionals began selling cannabis in Bremerton WA to all adults 21+. We never could have predicted the wonderful experiences we would have along the way. The lives we would change. The friends we would make.

So many wonderful memories…

Jess McBrayer: Love those 21 B’Days, fresh DD214s, and newbies because educating is my passion. But, when a customer turns in money they found in the ATM and/or hands in a wallet they found in the parking lot, or a cell phone they picked up off a counter top; those moments show the best in humaneness. And when the customer who lost it gets it back; the trill appreciation and growth in hope is genuine. Those are my favorite moments with customers. The Karma spirit at our store far surpasses the jar. We have the best customers ever.

Cheryl Atkinson Jester: Some of my favorite interactions are with the people that have had cannabis change their lives by relieving pain or making it possible for them to sleep. We have the most amazing and caring customers hands down!!!!

Derek Christensen: I had a young couple from Idaho come in looking at vaporizers and we instantly connected. They shared that they were here because the wife had terminal cancer. I had one of the best experiences ever with this couple and built a great bond.

Three months later the young man came in by himself and informed me he was back to buy that vaporizer and thank me for making the last three months he had with his wife the best that they could have been. He shared that my words with them that day made them think positive and enjoy every day to the fullest. They did. I came around the corner and gave him a huge hug and told him if he needed anything that I was here. He hugged me again and I helped him with his order. He was returning back to Idaho. He simply had come to see me and share this. It is a moment I will never forget.

Kristen Green: Connections with customers and really feeling like you’re making a difference are definitely great job perks, but I gotta give a special shout out to all the customers who bring their pets in to visit!! Nothing brightens a shift like a bunch of animal visitors. I absolutely love working in a pet friendly store. Plus everyone loves opening up about their animal babies!! It’s always a great way to really get to know someone.

HWY 420 is a medical, recreational cannabis retailer in Kitsap County. Winners of the 2016 DOPE Awards for “Best Female Budtender”, “Best Male Budtender” and “Most Charitable Cannabis Store”. We were also voted “Best Cannabis Business in Central Kitsap” and “Best Cannabis Business In Bremerton”.

We have two locations now, Hwy 420 Cannabis in Bremerton and HWY 420 Cannabis in Silverdale. We have an excellent team of highly educated cannabis professionals. We work with many cannabis farmers that go above and beyond the organic standard and truly love what they do.

And thanks to our wonderful customers we have been able to do much more then sell the finest cannabis in Kitsap. We’ve built a family and we are overjoyed to call you our brothers and sisters.

Thank you for helping us change the world.


Team HWY 420

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