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Willie’s Reserve Green Crack Review

I was headed out on a road trip to Eastern WA and stopped by to grab something for the trip at HWY 420 in Silverdale. To my luck Zach was on duty and as always, he was super excited to help.

I have allergies to certain strains of cannabis and so I prefer cannabis oil as my go to. There are oils that I’m allergic to as well, so I look for the winterized oil. When oil is winterized they use pure alcohol to remove the lipids from the oil and many other impurities.

Zach recommended I try the Willie’s Reserve cartridges. They extract using CO2 which removes the lipids without the need for winterization.

Strain: Green Crack

Sativa Dominant

The cartridge is testing at 89.97% THC

Processed October 2nd 2017

I opened the classy cardboard packaging to find a glass cartridge covered by what appeared to be a silicone protector. A cartridge condom. Just in case it gets messy I guess. It was cool. It has a little hanger on it so I hung it up next to my desk when I was finished. It is a very sexy cartridge.

The mouthpiece on the Willie’s Reserve cartridge is a little different than most. It has a wide mouth tip instead of the nipple style you normally find on disposable carts. It looked a lot like a mini butane torch when connected to my battery.

I hopped in the Subaru with my buddy for our road trip to Eastern WA and pulled out the silicone covered cartridge. It was time to test this sleek beauty out. Green Crack is a strong Sativa and should be good to keep me up and talking during our trip.

I turned my battery down to 3.3V to get the best flavor. Wow! It delivered on the taste. It tasted like I was puffing on a 7-Up. One puff and I immediately felt my body and mind start to buzz. I had to stop talking for a moment and lean back in the car seat. I let my mind wander for maybe ten minutes before I got smacked in the chest…

“You Sleeping?!”… “No dude… I’m meditating”. I might have been sleeping. Lol

I would expect a strong Sativa to keep me up, but road trips usually knock me out. I rubbed my eyes and put the pen down. One puff was good for now. My mind was buzzing. It was a very uplifting and smiley experience. I enjoyed the scenery as we drove and listened to my buddy continue to talk as my mind drifted. My brain was storming with ideas and thoughts. I continued to puff away along the trip which made the four hour drive pass in no time.

I would recommend this cartridge to anyone who is looking for a strong buzz and wants to open their mind and let the creative side free.

Tastes excellent. Powerful buzz. Attractive cartridge that will stand out at parties.

Willie’s Green Crack cartridge is a Winner!

Purchased at HWY420 Silverdale on Clear Creek road near the old nursery and right next to Clear Creek RV.

HWY 420 Silverdale also includes the Annex glass pipes and headshop. Come get your dab rigs, vape accessories, bongs, SWAG and hand blown heady glass at HWY 420 Annex.

Michael Carter

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