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White Widow Review – Pioneer Nuggets

I picked up some White Widow from Pioneer Nuggets after work to take with me on a hike this weekend. It wasn’t busy in the store at the time so Zach the Budtender at HWY 420 in Silverdale helped me pick out the frostiest looking buds. Thanks Zach! Score!

Heading out to Watson Lakes Trail here in WA state and I needed something uplifting that wouldn’t slow me down on the trail. I love the Cascades and cannabis really helps me feel in touch with nature. But before we head out it’s time to spark one up.

Looking at the bud through the package it looked like a ball of green cotton candy. It looked just as frosty outside of the packaging as well. Fire!!! I was excited to show it off.

My friends and I cracked the packaging open to twist a couple up and I gave it a quick nose test before I crumbled it for the joint. The smell was spicy and earthy first with a very sweet almost fruity pine undertone. The flavor was soft and earthy. Well cured. That was nice.

We all shared one large RAW between the four of us and enjoyed an incredible hike. Laughing. Full of energy and enjoying our time living free in the wild.

A little about White Widows history. White widow is a hybrid cross that feels like more of a Sativa to me. Brazilian and South Indian genetics were crossed to create this famous Amsterdam classic. White Widow has also given birth to famous strains such as White Rhino, White Russian and The White.

Definitely a great strain for a day you have a lot to do and need to stay focused.

I highly recommend. 4 out of 5.

It was excellent. But if you can’t stick it to the wall it’s not a five. Close!

Great work Pioneer Nuggets!

Michael C.

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