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Wedding Cake by Captain Yeti, Cannabis Review by Patrick (Issue 4)


Wedding Cake: Captain Yeti


Hey everyone! 


Flower fun fact:  

There is an old saying that goes, “April showers bring May flowers”. The backstory for it is in Europe they have such damp weather in April, that during May, flowers bloom on a huge scale because of the warmer weather causing a transition to spring and a celebration across parts of Europe! Some places you would even place flowers on the doorstep of your neighbor, admirer, or whomever. With that in mind, I’d be totally okay if someone decided to drop off some of this flower at my doorstep. 

Captain Yeti: 

If you don’t know this company, I won’t lie, you are missing out. Not only are they a company who has come back from one hell of a fight throughout their time as growers and owners, but they are some of the nicest, most genuine, and personable people that you will find in the cannabis industry. Any time I have bought their products, the product has always been well taken care of, and up to par with any other time I have purchased something of theirs. If consistency is something you look for, this is a great company for you.

Wedding Cake:

Wedding Cake is an indica hybrid strain that you get by crossing Triangle Kush & Animal Mints. Both of those strains are known to cause relaxation and can give you the munchies. So the combo of them together can be potent, but it will also be a nice high. 


The texture of the bud itself was dense. When you went to take a piece off you would hear a nice little snap from the stem while the rest of the bud would still stay in tact.


The smell of the bud was sweet and gassy. There was a lot of vanilla tones that hit hard with gassy and piney undertones to follow. The smell can be overwhelming at first because of how pungent the sweet smell can be with matching the gassyness, but after a few sniffs you start to get used to it and usually embrace the sweet smells.

The Taste:

The taste of the bud was fantastic. It was sweet, while also having a little bit stronger of a pine taste than I was expecting. I smoke from a bong personally, throughout the bowl, I was still able to taste the sweet and pine in a still flavorful way all the way up to the final rip. 

The High:

The high from this strain is strong in a good way! It reminds me a bit of how old school weed was, where the high was just relaxing, made you laugh and feel overall happy. I was able to sit down, play some games and then watch one of my favorite movies all while feeling happy and content with what was happening in that moment. 


Wedding Cake by Captain Yeti is one of the better versions of Wedding Cake I’ve had in a very long time. From the smell, to the taste, to the high, you really can’t go wrong with this strain right here. 

I personally have severe anxiety, and social anxiety. This strain here made me want to be around friends, talk like there was no tomorrow and just be present in general. This is a great strain for those who are needing a slight pick me up, or something to help get you out of your own head when you feel overwhelmed. 

As always, this is a crazy world we live in. Take care of yourself, be kind to others, make someone laugh, enjoy yourself, pack a bowl and watch time fly. 

Until next time, 


Personal shoutout: Speaking of wedding cake. I recently went to a wedding for two close friends of mine. Congrats, and best of luck to you both on your journey together.

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