Twelve Days of Christmas Dispensary Deals in Bremerton & Silverdale

Twelve Days of Cannabis Deals; December 12-24, 2023

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On the first day of Deals, Hwy 420 bestowed upon me: a joint pack with discounts.

On the second day of Deals, Hwy 420 presented with glee: two grams of flower, discounted power to uplift and empower.

On the third day of Deals, Hwy 420’s grace I see: three chocolate bars, discounted pleasures in sweet THC stars.

On the fourth day of Deals, Hwy 420’s gift is free: four vape pens with discounts, exhaling joy in clouds of serenity.

On the fifth day of Deals, Hwy 420 handed to me: five golden dabs, each discounted, sparking a journey where happiness grabs.

On the sixth day of Deals, Hwy 420’s generosity is key: six edible gummies, discounted treats in a cannabis jubilee.

On the seventh day of Deals, Hwy 420 rolled with glee: seven pre-rolls with discounts, sharing laughter and cannabis esprit.

On the eighth day of Deals, Hwy 420’s discounts set me free: eight tincture droplets, a wellness elixir with savings and glee.

On the ninth day of Deals, Hwy 420’s kindness I foresee: nine CBD lotions, with discounted potions for soothing daily glee.

On the tenth day of Deals, Hwy 420 shared the key: ten glass pipes gleaming, with discounts streaming in a smoky dreamland beaming.

On the eleventh day of Deals, Hwy 420’s spirit I decree: eleven grinder turns, discounts earned as the aroma discerns.

On the twelfth day of Deals, Hwy 420 crowned me: twelve strains for trying, with discounts undying, in a world of highs infinitely supplying.

Inventory Blowout entire store 25-40% Off; December 26-31, 2023

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