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Treedom – Grapefruit Romulan Shatter Review

I would nickname this strain Grapefruit Meringue Pie.

~ MC

I stopped by HWY420 in Silverdale and asked Travis for his recommendation of the tastiest shatter they had. Travis pulled out some Grapefruit Romulan shatter from Treedom. It looked beautiful!

The selection Travis presented looked so tasty I decided to grab three of those golden gram’s. I didn’t want to make another trip back to find out they sold out. I have a feeling this Grapefruit Romulan will be gone soon.

Grapefruit Romulan

Produced by Treedom

THCa 92%

Harvest date: 8/9/2017

Processed 10/5/2017

Fresh and powerful!

And wow… the taste on this was phenomenal! On exhale it tastes like a citrus dessert. The smell makes me think of Grapefruit Meringue Pie. I smell sweet fermenting wine, lemon, orange, grapefruit, cream cheese and skunk. It has been nicknamed “Stinky” by many cannasseurs.

Crossing the sweet smelling Romulan with the sharp citrus of the Grapefruit strain created a very pungent strain that will make you want to skip dinner and go straight for the goodies.

The effect was felt immediately behind the eyes with a deep stoney feel. A very relaxing head and body high. I watched the new Planet of The Apes and slept like a log after.

Grapefruit Romulan is a cross between (Grapefruit x Romulan). Indica Dominant.

I HIGHLY recommend!

Michael Carter

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