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Skunk #1, Day Tripper and Lemon Skunk Review by Terra T.

Reviews by Terra T.

Day Tripper – GaGa

This Indica Dominant Hybrid is in my top five favorite strains right now. Usually testing between 24-28% THC, the high is one of the sweetest I’ve experienced. It seems to hit just the right spot every time! Coming from two Indicas (Sensi Star/Master Kush) and one Hybrid (Medicine Man), you’d think it’d have you slumped somewhere but it’s called Day Tripper for a reason! I saw Demetri Martin (a stand up comedian) after smoking a blunt of this strain from GaGa and I could not have hoped for a better time! The berry taste has delicious undertones of wood that just make the berry taste pop even more, it’s a whole (yummy!) cycle.

Skunk #1 – Walden

These dense buds first appeared in the late 70’s and quickly became a crowd favorite. Standing the test of time, this Sativa Dom. Hybrid is STINKY but definitely has sweet notes that are easy to pick up on. The high, which comes from a variety of Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold, is sharp but extremely comfortable. Anytime I smoke this strain, it goes down smooth and tastes sweet (even a little nostalgic). My favorite thing to do after chiefing this guy on a day off, is to grab some coffee and run some light errands.

Lemon Skunk – Kai’Dro

If you like citrusy flavors and the high you get from Skunk #1, you are in for a TREAT. This hybrid from Kai’Dro is Indica Dom. and is testing around .7% for CDB. This strain does wonders for alleviating depressive symptoms, including the muscle aches that can come along with that. Lemon Skunk is great for doing anything creative and the terpene profile is bursting with lemon zest!

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