Purple Elephant Cannabis Review

Review by: Nana

Most of the cannabis I like are strains that help me sleep or help me look at my art projects from another perspective. I’ll be 56 next year and my lungs are not as strong as they used to be so I usually prefer a vaporizer. But I trust Michael’s suggestions.

I bought four grams for $15 at their Bremerton store on Michaels recommendation. It was one package with four pre rolled joints inside.

I opened the package and it smelled very strong of fruit. A berry wine almost with a little citrus. I was able to light it easily but it did run a little at first. The next one was perfect. I was surprised by how well these joints burned actually. I don’t buy joints normally but I’ve tried some of the joints from the new legal stores. Most were packed too tight and I had to empty them and finish the joint in a pipe.

These joints burned well. The smoke was very smooth. ¼ of a joint by myself was perfect. The high was very mellow and made my body feel warm. I sat down for a while to think about my project and almost fell asleep in my chair. My mind was humming. I feel like this would be wonderful for yoga or meditation.

It didn’t help with my creativity as much as it helped relieve my stress and anxiety. Purple Elephant is now one of my new favorite strains for sleep. Perfect for a day of music and relaxation.

I would definitely recommend this product.

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