National Fortune Cookie Day

Celebrate National Fortune Cookie Day with HWY 420 on July 20th!

Introduction: Get ready to crack open some cannabis-infused fortunes at HWY 420! This July 20th, we’re merging the magic of fortune cookies with the world of cannabis to bring you an unforgettable celebration. Fortune cookies have been delighting us with sweet treats and insightful messages since the early 1900s, and now they’re getting a modern twist. Come join us for a day filled with fun, surprises, and special discounts, all wrapped up in the crunchy delight of a fortune cookie.

National Fortune Cookie Day Timeline:

1890s – Origins of Fortune Cookies:
Fortune cookies, originally known as “fortune tea cakes,” were introduced by Japanese immigrants in California.

1915 – California’s World Fair:
Fortune cookies gained popularity when served at the World Fair in San Francisco, CA, at a Japanese Tea Garden.

1918 – Commercial Production Begins:
David Jung, founder of Hong Kong Noodle Company, started mass-producing fortune cookies in Los Angeles.

1960s – Automated Production:
Edward Louie of the Lotus Fortune Cookie Company automated the production process, significantly boosting output.

1980s – Fortune Cookie in Pop Culture:
Fortune cookies became a staple in American pop culture, featured in numerous TV shows, movies, and literature.

1990s – National Fortune Cookie Day:
By the 1990s, July 20th was widely recognized and celebrated as National Fortune Cookie Day.

Unraveling 5 Unforeseen Fortune Cookie Facts with a Cannabis Twist:

1 – Fortune Cookies are Not Traditionally Chinese:
Despite being a staple in American Chinese restaurants, fortune cookies originated in Japan, just like how cannabis has deep roots in various cultures worldwide.

2 – Fortune Cookies in Space:
A fortune cookie was taken to space by astronaut Ilan Ramon on Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003. Imagine the possibilities of taking cannabis cookies to new heights!

3 – Massive Fortune Cookie Production:
One of the largest manufacturers, Wonton Food Inc., produces around 5 million cookies daily. At HWY 420, we aim to infuse this tradition with the joy of cannabis.

4 – Fortune Cookies Can Be Collectors’ Items:
Just like people collect fortunes, many of our customers collect unique cannabis strains and products. Combine both hobbies for a fun experience!

5 – Largest Fortune Cookie Ever Made:
The largest fortune cookie, over 7 feet in diameter and 800 pounds, was created by the Tsue Chong Company. At HWY 420, we’re all about big experiences—just like that giant cookie!

Join us at HWY 420 on July 20th for a day filled with excitement, delicious treats, and fantastic discounts. See what the future holds with every fortune you crack open!

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