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Jack Herer Crystal Clear EZ Vape review

The last time I stopped by HWY 420 in Silverdale I picked up two cartridges and an electronic cigarette style disposable vape. This was one of three items I tried on Zach’s recommendation. All three were excellent.

The disposable vape is labeled “CC – EZ Vape”. CC for “Crystal Clear”. It’s an attractive little blue ECig style disposable vape. There are two areas where you are able to see the oil inside, and it is a beautiful gold color.

NWCS – Crystal Clear – EZ Vape

Jack Herer – Hybrid – Often Sativa Dominant

(Haze x {Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk})

CBD .40%

THC 93.48%

I had a poker night planned for the weekend so I saved this vape to take with me. Jack Herer will be a great companion for a poker night I thought. And It’s perfect for taking discreet puffs. These vapes are likely used in many places where being discreet is a necessity.

One of Zach’s reasons for recommending this vape was that it was STRONG. He was 100% correct there. It was surprisingly strong. I took one full puff until the battery started blinking and blew out a LARGE cloud of vapor. One puff and I was in outer space. I was a little more baked than I wanted to be for the poker game. I decided to fold the first few hands while my mind raced.

Ten minutes later I was the chip boss! lol

The high was rather clear other than the first ten minutes when my mind was racing. It was uplifting, not much of a body high. Heavy euphoria.

The taste was similar to a Lemonhead. I would recommend this vape for discreetness, taste, and experience. I recommend taking small puffs until you get the feel of it.

This would be perfect for concerts… if it were allowed.

Michael Carter

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