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HWY 420 Review – Speak Life OG Cartridge

I recently stopped by HWY 420 while cruising through Silverdale and picked up a few products on Zach’s recommendation. Among my requests were “…a couple of the best tasting cartridges you recommend”.

One of Zach’s recommendations was Damian Marley’s “Speak Life OG” cartridge. The flower they use for the Speak Life OG oil is from the original OG (Ocean Grown aka OG Kush) cut. There are many O.G.’s. This is the first of the OG strains that came from the famous Chemdawg cross.

Damian Marley’s

Speak Life OG (Ocean Grown) – Indica

(Chemdawg x {Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush, Pakistan})

CBD 2.87%

THC 45.80

The taste of this cart was wonderful. Sweet lemon, almost like a strawberry lemonade. Very smooth draw. It felt a little stronger than 46%, but still a nice comfortable stone. The high was well balanced. I would recommend this to a new user or someone who likes a good balanced mind and body stone without getting too high.

It was immediately apparent that this was an Indica dominant strain. I felt my body relax and the foggy stone set in behind my eyes. I dropped my eyelids and let go of the stress of the day as I passed the cart to a friend.

I told my friend it was a Marley cart before passing it to her. She was feeling the vibe and complimented the wooden tip. It made her feel more in tune with nature she said. She was aware that the wooden tip and knowing that it was a Marley cartridge added to the experience. She felt very relaxed and full of bliss.

However, I felt the same way. It wasn’t just the Marley brand. It’s more likely due to the quality of the herb, the processing, and the well designed cartridge. Many carts in WA cannabis stores have problems with their design that can take away from the experience. Some are very difficult to get a hit from because the cartridge wasn’t designed for cannabis oil, and some fail for a number of other reasons.

Marley did it right. They have the OG genetics. A well designed cartridge for cannabis oil. And they have an excellent team of wonderful people that care about your experience while using their products.

Slam dunk team D. Marley!

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