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Dab Review – GaGa Shatter – Mob Boss – Agent Orange and OG Raskal

This was the first time I had picked up GaGa Shatter since they changed their packaging. The new package allows you to see the shatter better. I’m picky about my colors, so I appreciate that.

When I stopped by HWY 420 Silverdale I knew what I wanted. I’ve been a fan of GaGa Edibles shatter for awhile. Potent and easy on the lungs. I had a chance to talk with their lab scientist and tour their facility last year. After my tour I was sold on the GaGa process. I have allergies to specific strains of flower and when the oil/wax/shatter that I consume has not been winterized or is not processed using CO2, I can sometimes be allergic to the wax as well.

GaGa Edibles winterizes their shatter. Meaning, they remove all the fats and lipids from the wax using alcohol and you’re left with nearly pure THC.

On my recent visit I asked specifically for the GaGa Shatter. I was given two strain options and I selected the Mobb Boss, a Sativa dominant strain. When I got home I discovered that it was a new kind of Shatter from GaGa. Labeled as “Crystal Shatter”. I had never tried this before.

The shatter that I had purchased previously was labeled “Pure Shatter”. The new shatter had a different consistency that was very easy to work with. The shatter I had purchased previously would often stick to the container and it was difficult to get all of it out. All of the Crystal shatter came out of the container nicely. I could hold the Crystal Shatter and snap it in half without it sticking to my fingers. I liked that.

The high/experience from this shatter seemed very similar to their Pure Shatter I had tried previously.. One thing that seems consistent with the GaGa shatters is that they are STRONG. They hardly smell or taste like anything and you only need a small puff or two. Before I wrote this review I wanted to pick up some of the Pure Shatter that I had tried before and compare the two.

I stopped by the Bremerton location and Derek the manager helped me out. That dude knows his stuff. Derek helped me find just what I was looking for and he made sure I was happy with my purchase before leaving. I would try anything Derek recommended.

I asked Derek for the best Sativa with a good clear high and Derek recommended the Agent Orange, a Sativa dominant strain. Excellent! This was the Pure Shatter I was looking for. Although there is something new about the process, because this Pure Shatter was very easy to work with as well. It didn’t stick to the container like the old Pure Shatter that GaGa offered in a box.

The high was a little different than I had remembered. Both of the strains that I recenty tried had similar effects… which they were both Sativas, so that makes sense. I remember the concentrates I bought when it was packaged in a box usually had a more stoney and giggly high. This new shatter has a very clear and euphoric head high.

I decided to look for one of the old packages of the Pure Shatter when it came in a box. I was curious why I felt like the high was different. You would expect the high to be very similar when most of the other active compounds have been removed to achieve this high of a THC %.

I found a Raskal OG box and noticed a difference in the test results. The old product that came in a box had zero THCa in it. THCa is THC acid. THC acid must be heated to transform into THC (Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol) in it’s active form for it to deliver the desired effect. Meaning it must be transformed into activated THC in order to get you high. The difference in the ratio of THC/THCa may have had an effect on the high and my experience. I could be imagining that.

Overall I’m a huge fan of the GaGa concentrates. Smooth taste with an excellent high. Due to it being so potent, it lasts much longer than many other concentrates.

Both the Crystal Shatter and the Pure Shatter were very similar in taste and high.

Due to GaGa shatter being so pure, many of the terpenes are removed. I decided to open up my Grand Daddy Purple cartridge from Willie’s Reserve and poor some of the contents out to dip the shatter in. Wow! So tasty!!! You’ve got to try this!. It’s easy to open the tops on the Willie’s Reserve carts, then heat the cartridge a little using a lighter so the concentrate flows out easily.

Then dip your dab and enjoy! 🙂

Here are the cannabinoid profiles for each of the three shatters discussed.

Agent Orange – Pure Shatter – Sativa Dominant

THCa 67.90%

THC 28.1%

CBD 0%

Total THC 97.6%%

Mob Boss – Crystal Shatter – Sativa Dominant

THCa 85.40%

THC 14.40%

CBD 0%

Total THC 89.30%

For comparison, here are the test results for the Pure Shatter I had purchased a while ago when their products came in the classic white boxes.

Rascal OG – Pure Shatter – Often Indica Dominant

THCa 0%

THC 89.82%

CBD .20%

Total THC 89.82%

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