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​Craft Elixirs Dank Chocolate Syrup review by Easton Shepard @ HWY 420

​Craft Elixirs Dank Chocolate Syrup Review

Craft Elixirs:

Dank Chocolate Syrup

THC Content:

4.16mg per serving

CBD Content:

0.00 Packaging


Silver Tip

What did you like about your sample?

Soft silk texture, sweet but lite. I used it with simple ideas like mixing in my mocha, over ice cream, or as a glaze for homemade donuts! The high is wonderful and uplifting, I started out with 3 suggested servings bringing it to 12mg roughly.

What did you not like about the sample?

The serving size is one measured cap, which made for a messy clean up when screwing the top on the first time. I recommend a shot glass, it’s easier to scrap to make sure you have a more accurate count of Mg and you don’t waste product.

By Easton Shepard

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