Cannabis professionals talk to their children about marijuana

We have all had that talk with our kids…Don’t do drugs and all the reasons why, right?

These conversations change as your kids get older. More questions like, do you have friends that smoke

pot? Have you tried it?

Do you think these conversations would be different if you as the parent worked in the cannabis world?

As a mother of two teenagers I can say yes, the conversation is changing and rapidly. I was never a big

user of cannabis in my teenage years or really any years. There was never a thought in my mind that I

would ever be working in the field of cannabis but here I am.

Seems like the talks our parents had with us were all about the bad because that is all they knew. When

we were growing up we had Nancy Regan telling us “Just say no to drugs” and DARE was part of our

grade school lessons. Today we have parents fighting for the right to give their kids cannabis to help

with things from anxiety to seizures. Every day I am learning more and more about the benefits of this

amazing plant and that is what I am talking to my kids about.

So as a parent who sells cannabis for a living I probably tell my kids the same thing you tell yours.

Cannabis is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 unless medically prescribed in Washington and a

handful of other states. You might not tell your kids any more than that but this is where I continue the

conversation. I talk to my kids about the benefits of cannabis and the differences between healing and

getting high. We talk about all the ways cannabis is helping people and the research being done. I guess

what I am trying to say is have the conversation, don’t just say “Don’t do drugs”! Make sure they are

getting the correct information about cannabis and other drugs. Be the ones they come to for answers,

let your kids ask questions and be open to listening.

Cheryl J.

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