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420 Friendly Camping Spots in Washington State

From flushed canyons to mountain regions, the state of Washington offers some of the most diverse natural beauty in the country. Whether you’re up for hiking a mountain or enjoying the coast, a wondrous outdoor experience awaits at every corner. Washingtonians spend a lot of time camping, and whether you are searching for some 420 friendly camping options in Spokane Valley, the Cascade Region, or otherwise, it’s easy to see why. If you love spending your free nights under the starry WA skies at a cozy and somewhat secluded camping spot, you have no shortage of options.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Searching for “420 Friendly Camping Near Me”

As you make plans for your trip to enjoy cannabis and a night in Washington’s natural beauty, here are a few tips to keep you safe and on the right side of the law.

Steer Clear of Federal Land and State Lines

While there are several national parks in Washington for camping, these are a definite no if you have your cannabis in tow. Federal property laws are not the same as state laws, which means you could get fined for having cannabis on your person on national land. Likewise, don’t inadvertently trek across state lines with your cannabis and camping gear. For example, when it comes to 420 friendly camping, Idaho is one state to avoid—ID has strict laws in place regarding cannabis possession.

Know Campground Rules and Restrictions

For the most part, WA is a pretty relaxed state when it comes to cannabis use since it was one of the first to go legal. Just the same, however, you will come across campgrounds that restrict cannabis use on the premises. If a privately owned place does not allow cannabis, they will likely state so plainly in their policies.

Be Mindful and Stay Safe

In more remote areas, cannabis is not likely to be a bother to anyone because there is simply no one around. However, if you are at a campsite surrounded by other people, especially families with children, be mindful and respectful. Also, keep yourself safe while using cannabis in the wilderness. In other words, avoid especially treacherous trails or trails you don’t know after you’ve consumed cannabis. And, keep something with you to extinguish anything you smoke and dispose of it properly.

Top Remote Camping & 420 Friendly Camping in WA

1. Cliffside Mountain Refuge Ranch Campsites

Tucked into the Selkirk Mountains, Mountain Refuge Ranch is located near the Pend Oreille River. Known to offer some of the most private camping sites you can find, this pick takes you into an off-grid location for incredible solitude and views. Not only is the area gorgeous, there is a lot to explore, including waterways, hiking trails, and caves.

2. Bremer Mountain Retreat

Bremer Mountain Retreat in Lewis County offers a collection of tiny cabins for rent, each with impressive mountain views. According to Kush Tourism, guests at the retreat are allowed to consume cannabis in the cabins or outdoors, as long as they are mindful of the furniture and existing burn bans at any given time. Bremer Mountain rentals are also pet-friendly if you have your four-legged canine in tow for the trip.

3. The Tree House Joint

When it comes to 420 friendly camping Washington has a lot of different options to offer. If you prefer something a little less primitive, be sure to check out the Tree House Joint in Monroe. The site houses four treehouses where you can enjoy your weed while listening to the wind rustle through the leaves. If you want to fix food or take a shower, all guests have access to a communal kitchen and bathrooms.

Pay a Visit to HWY 420 Along the Way

As you pack up your gear, mark your trail map, and get ready for an outdoor excursion, pencil in time for a stop at HWY 420 in either Silverdale or Bremerton. Our two dispensaries in Washington State are brimming with top-quality cannabis flower and products. Be sure to check out our menu and order ahead if you’re in a hurry—we’ll get your picks ready before you arrive for quick pickup.

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