Hello Team Green. Dude here with my first blog. While I have many many things that we will

inevitably talk about including old school etiquette, what is a landrace strain, how to properly not burn

your dab. Today I would like to talk to you about something near and dear to my heart my dog Chewbacca or BaccaDawg or just Bacca, any regular to our Bremerton store can tell you that we have a new (to y’all) shop dog. And he is absolutly terrified of strangers (Bringing him to work is a little aversion therapy). He will run aroud and sniff folks right up until they notice him then he bolts (drive by sniffing I call it), some one walks in to the store says hi doggy and he bolts, someone looks like they might think like they will try and touch him and he bolts. Now, he is getting better over the weeks, several of the folks behind the counter have made a friend for life. A couple of our friends that come in to the shop frequently, can pet him if they don’t….move….to…..quickly….., and he is genuinely excited to go to work me these days (he does a little dance hoping in circles, its cute as... well a puppy doing an excitement dance circles while smiling and wishing they had thumbs cus as soon as that door opens...VRRrroom YIPPIEEE... ). It turns out we have a product at the Bremerton store called CBD companion tincture by Fairwinds, its bacon flavored folks ‘nuff said right, its a CBD 5to1 tincture with our best friends in mind. I will tout and tirade about the wonders and benefits of CBD at a late date. For right now, if you don’t know then you will have to trust me when I say its a miraculous healing compound that can change lives. Here I’m going to digress for a moment there are no psychoactive properties to CBD, NONE. If you force your animals to get high and give them high concentrations of THC d9 (or activated THC) the psychoactive compound in cannabis which can be dangerous and extremely traumatic for them, remember you are imbibing cannabis because you want to get stoned, if get your animals stoned against their wills, don’t do it. Now back to my point, I started micro dosing (look it up) Bacca a couple days ago to see if we can calm his nerves at work a little. Miss Mary is also dosing her older doggie whom has arthritis, with a more “heroic” does, more on that at a later date though. For the two days we have been micro dosing, myself and others have noticed a calming effect at work, at home he just slept on his bed (which he only does at night usually), hes less hyper-vigilant, which one would think he prides himself on if they had ever seen the way he prances back and forth wagging his tail all high in the air, when strangers won’t/don’t cross my broken as fuck gate ( literally hung only on the top hing) because Bacca is a good dog. Hes been more relaxed in general, he seems to be less anxious, he doesn’t appear to mind the treats I dose for him, he goes for those over the ones that are not dosed first. I will keep this little experiment going for a couple weeks and writing about it every couple days to keep all of Team Green informed as to whats new with this experiment, what some others are thinking about “any changes” they might notice, feel free to come in to the Bremerton shop and meet Bacca to see if its working for yourselves, hes usually in during the evenings and weekends and as shy as he is really does like people they are just scary.

    Thank you for your time today Team Green, Have an awesome day, And remember kindness always starts with ourselves, so please be kind to one another.

  Until next time keep your bongs loaded, your pipes blazing, and your dabs golden.


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