Do you remember the first days of legal marijuana in Washington?  There were limited options in flower and almost no edibles, tinctures were unheard of .  Well boy have we come along way!!! Today you walk into a rec store and you have more choices than dollars in your pocket.  With more than 75 different strains in store daily, with even more options in pre-rolls, there is something for everyone.  There is now, coffee, sodas, energy drinks, coco and more.  Like chocolates, we have bars, chews, cookies, brownies and amazing truffles. Tinctures are another option, great for those that may not like to smoke.  There are tinctures that help with pain, sleep and even marijuana lube.  Come in and talk with one of our amazing Budtenders to find what whats new and exciting in the world of Marijuana.  Hope to see you soon


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